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Partying, Publishing, unPacking

I took the day off from blogging yesterday. I hope you were too busy enjoying the day with friends, family, meals, memories, fun & sun to notice. Last stages of editing before pre-orders for Pocket Money will be available. STAY … Continue reading

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Five Things I learned from my Writer’s Retreat

Ideas are easy. Coming up with new ideas for a story and developing a plan are easy. Verbalizing a synopsis of your story, or just telling it, is easy. Hitting the high points, introducing your characters, and bringing it all together in a … Continue reading

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Five Things I Learned From Buying/Selling a House

Selling is the best! For as much as I will miss my old house, the neighbors and the neighborhood, it’s a relief to have sold it. Because… Buying is the best! Even though the processes of buying (can you say … Continue reading

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Five Things I Learned in Milwaukee Last Week

According to the bartender at Murphy’s on the Marquette campus, Jeffrey Dahmer was quite the clever psychopath. I guess the last of his victims escaped, and went running naked down the street babbling incoherently. He had been injected with some kind of … Continue reading

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Taking the Leap

Well, I did it. I uploaded my manuscript for publication. And I’m scared sh*tless. (what an odd term that is) Odd, but applicable. Scared. Sh*tless. According to the post, 10 Things That Will Happen When You Start Pursuing Your Dreams, … Continue reading

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