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The Queen of Theme

I am the Theme Queen. Self-appointed, perhaps, but it is a legacy I have earned and although not everyone gets it, no one would deny it. Fun fairs, Galas, Birthday Parties, Bunco—to me, a gathering and a theme go hand … Continue reading

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The List

Even before I was focusing on being a writer, I was a list-maker, ever armed with scrap paper and a pen. I’m not as efficient with the list-making now-a-days, and it shows, but one list sticks with me. When I … Continue reading

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Atomic, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Eff

Forgive me reader for I have sworn. It’s been 602,487 eff-words since my last confession. (confession: I’m not Catholic.) That’s a lie, it’s been more. I’m not even at the forefront of this epidemic; I’m just riding the effing wave. … Continue reading

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Have a good night, Mare.

I love to dream. I don’t do it often enough. I know they say the average person dreams 2-3 times a night, but I say, unless I can remember it, it doesn’t count. Of course, remembering snippets can be much … Continue reading

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