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This blog brought to you by the letter P

An addendum to last week’s blog lends itself perfectly to this week’s letter of the In Print ABC Blog Post Challenge: My rant about the ass, you, and me of “obviously” stemmed from news coverage I caught the day of … Continue reading

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Obviously overthinking OCD

I have come to realize that the word “obviously” is a lot like the word assume. Not in its meaning, but in that asses seem to use it. Do you know what I mean? Think about it—conjure a sentence which … Continue reading

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Fresh from four days at the Writers’ Institute conference in Madison—wait, let me amend that, because quite frankly, after four days of conferencing, there’s nothing fresh about me! I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally. My mind is overflowing with industry information. You … Continue reading

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Me me me meme

And now, the ABC Blogging Challenge week we’ve all been waiting for… (drum roll please) M is for MEME! (what could be better than ‘me’ times two?!) Really, though, I think this is going to be a fun one. If … Continue reading

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I came late to the LOL movement. I was (and greatly still am) a Haha gal. Sometimes heh heh, or heehee, depending upon what I’m referencing. But mostly I Haha. Recently I caught myself *literally* laughing out loud at some … Continue reading

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