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Crack TV

Binge-watching is nothing new. Folks have been doing it–well, since it became available. Sidebar: Can you believe there was a time when you couldn’t watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted? When you actually had to *gasp* wait until a … Continue reading

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Enough already, 2017

We are barely into the second half of the year and already we’ve suffered too many deaths. Famous people, yes. It’s always a shame when our idols depart. But closer to home, it has been a tragic year. For people. … Continue reading

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I have been cleaning house lately–by which I mean, deleting email subscriptions. The default email that I use every time you need to provide an address was exploding on a daily basis with mail I have no interest in and … Continue reading

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Best Movie Scene EVER

We went to see Baby Driver last week. It’s about a young, extremely talented driver, busted for boosting the car of a wicked crime boss, who is then at the mercy of the bad guy while he makes reparations for … Continue reading

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I might be for Independence

I love the play on the letter/word “I”. Me, myself, and I are definitely for independence, but when it comes to this entry in The Writer’s Alphabet, I is for Identity. and Issues.

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