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I get it

I will turn 50 in October of 2016. Dave and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary in August of that same year. Big celebrations deserve big plans, right? I love to travel. He loves to travel. I love to fly. … Continue reading

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Junk Drawer

Do you have one? I have one. (I have two.) I bet you have one. How could you not? I don’t care how organized and OCD you are, some stuff is unorganizable. “A place for everything and everything in it’s … Continue reading

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When you have the opportunity to spend a day with friends you rarely see and it involves an early morning meet on the day that you usually (pretty reliably) blog, well, you have to consider your priorities. Friendship totally trumps … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays are back!

Growing up, I loved the holiday season. Beginning with¬†Thanksgiving then¬†Christmas and finally New Year’s. The decorations, festivities, family, food, fun! Love, love, love. I had a lot of family, extended through love and loss, but it didn’t matter. Come Christmastime, … Continue reading

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