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Suffice it to say this was not my favorite movie

I see a lot of movies. A lot. I enjoy the theater experience, the eight gallon soda, the keg o’popcorn, the bigger screen than I have at home. I’m easy, entertain me. I have no intentions of making reviews a … Continue reading

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Lest I Forget

I find memory fascinating! My apologies for this quick blog on a subject I will surely revisit in more depth. It’s not uncommon for people “my age” to forget things. Selectively. We can’t remember what we had for lunch yesterday … Continue reading

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Back to School Time!

I think “back to school” is my favorite time of year. 15¢ notebooks, quarter boxes of crayons and trendy backpacks not only trigger a sense of nostalgia, but also signify the beginning of the next new phase. A fresh start, familiar, yet … Continue reading

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Words on a Screen

It’s been sixteen years since we bought our first computer. It was a splurge for our tenth anniversary. Computers have come a long way in the last sixteen years… more accommodating and totally integral. The first thing I did with … Continue reading

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