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As Merry a Christmas as Can Be

It’s not a surprise to say that Christmas is an emotionally charged time for many people. Whether it’s bliss, sorrow, gratitude, guilt, or stress you’re experiencing, it’s most certainly intensified. Christmas is the ELEVEN on the amplifier of holidays. No … Continue reading

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5 Best Gifts this Season

The older we get, the harder we are to buy for. With so much discretionary income, zero impulse control, and Amazon, we buy what we want when we want it, leaving gift-givers in the lurch. I’ve collected a list of … Continue reading

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Winter Viewing

I don’t watch a lot of television. I watch too much television. It’s funny, because both of those statements are true. People talk about all their binge-watching and I can’t relate. I don’t watch The Good Doctor, the newest show … Continue reading

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