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Gifts and Gratitude, Again

I was really touched by an article I read in the Chicago Tribune last year. “The Gifts that Stay With Us for a Lifetime” was a collection of stories about ‘gifts’ and their lasting effect. You may remember I blogged … Continue reading

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When my six year old grandson comes over to visit, he spends a lot of time playing. He runs, jumps, and bounces. He kicks, lunges, and swings various limbs. He lands, tumbles, rolls, and repeats. He hops from chair arm … Continue reading

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A Patterson Chapter

James Patterson is a prolific author having written nearly 150 novels. In fact, he holds The New York Times record for the most #1 New York Times best sellers by a single author, a total of 67, which is also … Continue reading

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When I was at NIU (the second time) studying Visual Communications, we were assigned a metaphor project. It proved challenging to a lot of us. What exactly is a metaphor and how can we show it visually?! A metaphor is … Continue reading

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