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Monday the Metaphor

Mondays get a bad rep. It’s not their fault that they come after the weekend. I like Mondays. I’ve even blogged about Momdays. I like the idea of a fresh week ahead. I enjoy the normalcy following a crazy weekend. … Continue reading

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Cat in a Cone

My cat is in a cone. His name is Steeger, he’s six months old and he just got neutered. I know they call it “the cone of shame,” but I don’t get that. Shameful? No. Hilarious? Yes! At first he … Continue reading

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Buzz Words

There’s this thing that Dave and I do sometimes when we watch TV. It’s not new, we certainly didn’t invent it, we’re just doing our part to keep two of our favorite past times alive. It’s a word-inspired drinking game. … Continue reading

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High Expectations?

*This rant brought to you by the makers of flawed merchandise. Feel free to add your own stories in the comments below. (I can’t guarantee improved product development, but surely you’ll feel better after getting it off your chest.) Sometimes I think … Continue reading

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It’s Time to SPRING into Action

This winter must be stopped. I know I live in NORTHern Illinois. I know it’s technically still winter. I know that Spring, lovely lovely Spring, does not officially arrive for three more weeks. I know. But none of that knowledge … Continue reading

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