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Mary’s Publications

Baker’s Dozen – A Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery Kindle World Story
Kinder Garden – A Kimmie Jillison Mystery, an Amazon #1 Best-Seller
Safe Harbour, a follow up to Kinder Garden – A Kimmie Jillison Mystery
NEW! -School Spirit, Book 3 in the Kimmie Jillison Mystery series

Long Short Story (9k words):
Wyra Goes to Hell, a tale of retribution, recollection, and recognition. In Hell.

A Stranger’s Child, a present-day continuation of the Pandora myth. A young woman is orphaned for the second time, makes amazing familial discoveries, and must come to terms with her legacy. Coming of age tale, first in the The Pandoran Legacy seriesContemporary Mythology
Pocket Money, four friends reunite after college and fall into the familiar competitive dynamic of their youth, resulting in a deadly game of one-ups-manship. Thriller

Short Story Collection:
Foe Be Us : Phobias
, a collection of thirteen thrilling short stories based on phobias.

Short Story Publications:
Role Call,
a DAWGs challenge in the style of NYCMidnight
The Bully King,
first round winner of the NYCMidnight Short Story Challenge
, Twisted Fairy Tales: Spooky Showcase by Jolene Haley
The First Time, featured as a Monday Blog post on MaryFranSays
Resurrection Rosie
, Urban Legends: Spooky Showcase by Jolene Haley
Seas the Day!
, Beware! Dark Seas Halloween Showcase, Jolene Haley 
First Date, Write City E-zine and The Write City Review
MEDS, Memory Enhancing Drugs, audio featured on In Print Radio on WBOM, Best of Mendehlssohn
The Business Trip, The Write City E-zine and The Write City Review
Mr. Fluffers, Chicago Literati
Nothing, Rockford Review, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award
The Power of Suggestion, A Quiet and Peaceful Place
The Bride to Beat, The Front Porch Review
Otis, The Write City E-zine
The Bride wore Combat Boots, The Write City E-zine
The Mirror(s), The Rockford Review

The Allegory Project:
Freedom Fighter
Drowning in Ideas
That Kiss

Just for Fun:
Every Mom’s Poem

Self-published Artist Book:
The Why: A Parable, hand pulled paper using psychology text book and bible pages, carbon transferred text, Japanese stab binding
why1 why2

Novels in progress:
Book Two in the Pandoran Legacy Series, as yet untitled. Anni Sidora, a descendent of Pandora, must learn to control her attitude and harness her powers while fighting evil and collecting ills. Contemporary Mythology

The First Ghost, a young woman suffers a seizure resulting in the accidental death of a wealthy young man and wakes to find she’s keeping company with his unhappy and cruel ghost. Paranormal

MeTopia, Meagan Moore is an ordinary Midwestern housewife and mother on the cusp of her fortieth birthday who must deal with the repercussions of the global population becoming her. Dystopian Fiction

One of Many Mothers, an unplanned pregnancy results in many secrets being revealed, includes time travel. (Not as weird as it sounds.) Women’s Fiction, Time Travel

A Story for Another Day, a bright young boy and his single mother land on her estranged father’s doorstep shortly after the passing of her mother. The grandfather is crotchety, sad, lonely, and dying. He and the boy spend many hours together, getting to know each other and swapping ever-growing tales. Think “Big Fish”. Coming of Age, Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Right Now, Outside the Coffee Shop, a humorous tale of love, loss, and self-discovery with a variety of LGB characters. Sheena loves Cait who loves her but also loves Warren. Romeo loves Michael which is cool because Michael loves him, too. And Romeo’s sister, Carmella loves everybody, if you get my drift. Am I sharing too much? Oh, you just wait! LGBT Fiction

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