Mary’s Writing

Published Novel:
Pocket Money, four friends reunite after college and fall into the familiar competitive dynamic of their youth, resulting in a deadly game of oneupsmanship. Thriller

Short Story Publications:
First Date
, Write City E-zine

MEDS, Memory Enhancing Drugs, audio featured on In Print Radio on WBOM, Best of Mendehlssohn

The Business Trip, The Write City E-zine

Mr. Fluffers‘, Chicago Literati

Nothing, Rockford Review, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award

The Power of Suggestion, A Quiet and Peaceful Place

The Bride to Beat, The Front Porch Review

Otis, The Write City E-zine

The Bride wore Combat Boots, The Write City E-zine

The Mirror(s), The Rockford Review

The Allegory Project:

Freedom Fighter

Drowning in Ideas

That Kiss

Just for Fun:

Every Mom’s Poem

Novels, as yet unpublished:
A Stranger’s Child, a contemporary continuation of the story of Pandora’s Box.
A young woman who is orphaned for the second time makes amazing familial discoveries and must come to terms with her legacy.
Coming of age tale, first in the The Pandoran Legacy series. Urban Fantasy

The First Ghost, a young woman suffers a seizure resulting in the accidental death of a wealthy young man and wakes to find she’s keeping company with his unhappy and cruel ghost. Paranormal

Novellas, as yet unpublished:
Jahaml Goes to Hell, a delicious tale of retribution. Horror

Short Story Compilation:
Foe Be Us, six short stories relaying the realness of phobias, including Otis. Horror

Self-published Artist Book:
The Why: A Parable, hand pulled paper using psychology text book and bible pages, carbon transferred text, Japanese stab binding
why1 why2

Works in Progress:
MEDs, Memory Enhancing Drugs is a novel about what happens when a very good thing– the ability to remember everything– goes very bad. Following the lives of four main characters, we see how medical advances are both a boon and bane. Thriller

MeTopia, Meagan Moore, an average Midwestern housewife and mother on the cusp of forty, begins to notice that people all over the world have begun changing in very familiar ways. Now she must deal with the repercussions of the global population becoming her. Dystopian Fiction


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