About Mary Lamphere

Mary Lamphere is an author, artist, and designer.
You can reach her at LiteraryMary@comcast.net

She has published two novels, A Stranger’s Child, and her debut, Pocket Money, as well as many short stories, and three novellas – Safe HarbourKinder Garden and Baker’s Dozen.  She also has a collection of thirteen thrilling short stories called Foe Be Us : Phobias. Her most recent publication is a long short story called Wyra Goes to Hell. Available on Kindle only.

As an artist, she works with mixed media– applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story and has self-published in the form of handmade artist books.

As a designer, she works with advertising for Lamphere’s.

Mary Lamphere is happily married to her college (the first time) sweetheart and lives in DeKalb, IL. Her children are grown. She is honing her Gramma skills with her adorable grandsons, Benjamin (b. 6-14) and Van (b. 9-17).

She adores her Pembroke Corgis, Jackson (b. 1-18) and Miskey (b. 3-17).

She loves to travel and has been to Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico and Canada. But mostly she hangs out on Facebook.

Mary in Italy with her 10 euro Diet Coke.
(totally worth it)

*Also, let me say that Mary Lamphere does NOT go by Mary Fran or Mary Frances.
She was running out of blog title options and went with a play on her name.
(MaryFranSays = Mary Frances)
So unless she’s in trouble, please, just call her Mary.

1 Response to About Mary Lamphere

  1. Nancy L says:

    Hi Mary – just checking out your cool site and writing. The variety of your interests and positive insights amaze me. I’m lucky to know you! Keep up the great work and flow of ideas.

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