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I attended the DeKalb Area Creative Writers’ workshop this past Saturday to discuss Rewriting and Revising. It was strongly suggested that we not use the word “revision” when going over our work. The prefix “re” means “back” or “again”. “Vision” means “to … Continue reading

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Negative Election

Two weeks from tomorrow is election day. The day we cast our vote to elect the next American president. My president. Your president. OUR PRESIDENT. I’m POSITIVE it will be a NEGATIVE election. Why would the election be any different … Continue reading

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We Interrupt this Blog Post

I’m currently at a writers’ retreat in Delavan, WI working on my paranormal novella. Writing, writing, writing… Just not a blog. Thank you for your patience. STAY TUNED!

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I have my first official book signing for my novel, Pocket Money, on Sunday, October 9, at a wonderful Indie bookstore called Mystery to Me in Madison.  I’ll be sharing an author panel with Kristin Oakley, who was kind enough to initiate this … Continue reading

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