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Summer Viewing

Once upon a time, there were only three, maybe four, television stations. And in the summer, between May Sweeps and September new season kick-off, they only showed live sports or reruns. I know! We’re so far removed from that now, it … Continue reading

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Middle Age

Since I intend to live to at least one hundred, I guess, technically, that makes me currently middle-aged. When I’m interviewed on my 100th birthday (save the date: 10/08/2066), I will credit my longevity to Naked Wednesdays, Diet Coke, and … Continue reading

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Match Game

        Do you remember Match Game? A game show from the 60’s and 70’s (and even into the 80’s), it was hosted by Gene Rayburn and featured a panel of guest “stars” including Vicki Lawrence, Brett Sommers, … Continue reading

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The Logline

Loglines. Surely you’ve heard of these elusive creatures. The insidious brainworms that form innocently enough then propagate at the expense of your mental health. As you know, I’ve been working on submitting my manuscript(s). Submission requires a lot of research– … Continue reading

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