Enough already, 2017

We are barely into the second half of the year and already we’ve suffered too many deaths.

Famous people, yes. It’s always a shame when our idols depart.

But closer to home, it has been a tragic year.
For people. And pets.
Maybe that took you by surprise?
I care that too many pets have died?
I would claim their deaths as something to mourn?
Yes. I would.
I didn’t know Chester Bennington. Or George Romero. Or John Heard.
Or, or, or…the list could go on and on.
But I raised my sweet Nellie from a runty pup to an elegant 95 dog year old.
And I’m not alone…many of my friends and family have lost pets this year.
These losses hit home.

And then there’re the people…
Several of my friends have lost their fathers recently.
Brothers have died, too.
I may not have known these men well, or at all, but I ache for the people in my life who are suffering.
I grieve with them. And for them.
These losses hit heart.

I know, I’m getting to that age where this kind of stuff happens. People don’t live forever. Depression, disease, accidents, aging…I’m old, they’re old, or older…
Death is part of life.

But so is balance.

Let me reiterate,

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I have been cleaning house lately–by which I mean, deleting email subscriptions.
The default email that I use every time you need to provide an address was exploding on a daily basis with mail I have no interest in and will never get to. The bunches of spam were clogging the occasional important stuff, so I decided to purge.

After a couple of weeks of delete-delete-delete, I’m down to a handful of subscriptions that I actually need/read/use. You know, Kohl’s, Michael’s, Ebates
Basically, if you ain’t saving me money, I ain’t interested, lol.

What’s SO FUNNY to me are the “subscriptions” I KNOW I NEVER subscribed to.
These particular emails ALL have the EXACT same removal form.
(which I don’t for a minute believe is removing)
The reason it’s SO FUNNY, is because for every generic Cruise Line, Home Insurance Company, and Internet Provider spam-mail I delete, I then receive Toe Fungus, Power Wheel Chair, and FREE CASH emails.

And for every Toe Fungus, Power Wheel Chair, and FREE CASH emails I unsubscribe from, I get Dating Sites, Investment Advice, and Incontinence offers.
(No thanks, I’d prefer not to have incontinence.)

It’s been kind of fun seeing what the spam gods will deliver each day.
Most recently–
Foreign Beauties! Single? Looking for a Date? CLICK HERE.
$20 Homes in YOUR AREA!
Conceal Carry, Discover a Loophole for US Residents

As interesting as this experience has been, I’ve stopped “unsubscribing”. Obviously, it only engages them further.
Instead I just mark them as spam and hope my email box gets into the habit of recognizing and hiding these unscrupulous offers.

What’s the most interesting email you’ve received–unsolicited?
How did you handle it?

And for the love of all things sacred, what comes after International wife-buying, squatter properties, and illicit gun-toting?!
(Be assured, I will let you know…)

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Best Movie Scene EVER

We went to see Baby Driver last week.

It’s about a young, extremely talented driver, busted for boosting the car of a wicked crime boss, who is then at the mercy of the bad guy while he makes reparations for his transgression. Baby, the driver, suffers from tinnitus, a constant ringing in his ears which requires him to listen to music constantly to mute the buzz.

About a third of the way into the movie, he meets an adorable waitress named Debora and they talk music. More specifically, they talk name songs. She says she only knows one song with her name, Debra by Beck. He tells her about Deborah by T.Rex.

And then…are you ready for this?! She says–oh my gosh, I get chills just thinking about this exchange!…she says her sister’s name is MARY and she has a TON of songs! Then, Debora lists a handful of  Mary song titles!!!

I have had this conversation a lot. I even blogged about it. I never in a million years thought I’d witness someone else having it…ON THE BIG SCREEN.

Best scene ever.

There’s a lot more movie after that. And most of it is really good. (It was too long.)
I highly recommend you see it. Sorry for the spoiler.

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I might be for Independence

I love the play on the letter/word “I”.
Me, myself, and I are definitely for independence, but when it comes to this entry in
The Writer’s Alphabet, I is for Identity.

and Issues.

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H is for

Continuing The Writer’s Alphabet:


Yes, writers are committed. Or they should be.

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Want to be a writer?

Want to be a writer?
Then write.


















Please note:
When it comes to writing,

Only style.
And consistency.*
That is all.

*Inconsistency is not a style.

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A Very Celebratory Weekend

Whew, Monday. Thank goodness.
Exhausted from three days of partying, I look forward to slipping back into this regular everyday rut.

After missing three months in a row, Friday was Bunco.
And Christina’s Birthday eve party.








Saturday was Christina‘s thirtieth birthday and my BB‘s third birthday and celebration. A pirate themed party. Ahoy, mateys!








At my house. With guests who hadn’t yet seen the “new” house–so every room needed to be company clean. It’s been a year, people, we live here now, that’s a tall order!

A house full of guests, but even better, a pool full of guests.












Ironically, we had MATCHES for our birthday cake, but NO CANDLES!

And Sunday was Father’s Day. My husband is an excellent father, grandfather, and dogfather. We didn’t do much but we still did a lot. We slept in, walked the dogs, bathed the dogs, went for a swim, the kids stopped by bearing gifts and ice cream cake, then we went to Fatty’s for live music and appetizers on the patio. Toasting with our cups of beer, Dave said, “This feels like vacation.” You’re welcome, honey. Happy Father’s Day.

And now, alas, I say, “Monday ho!”
Not to infer Monday gets around, just that it is in sight!

I hope you all had a wonderfully celebratory weekend.
Between graduations, weddings, birthdays, and Father’s Day, I’m sure you did.

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