I like to Movie, Movie

I like to movie, movie
Ya like to

I like to movie, movie
I like to movie, movie
I like to movie, movie
Ya like to

I’ve done book reviews, now I’m venturing into movie reviews. At some point, I’ll need to do music reviews so I can properly credit my review titles, Let’s Talk about Books, Baby and I like to Movie, Movie. We’ve been on a movie roll lately, so here’re several posts all in one!

KONG: SKULL ISLAND (in theaters now)
Summer blockbuster pre-summer. Pre-spring, even. But all of the bluster, star-power, and promotional tie-in of a blockbuster wannabe. It was good. Fun to watch. A little long (but when don’t I say that?). The special effects were impressive (loved Kong), the story line plausible–for Hollywood, and it had a kick-ass soundtrack. I don’t know why they felt the need to demean the stature of Kong with over-sized octopus, water buffalo, and jungle creepy crawlies, but it bugged me. (No pun intended.)

If it’s your thing, go see it, you’ll like it. If it’s not your thing, don’t bother. It’s exactly what you think it is.

P.S. Stay past the EXTREMELY LENGTHY credits (seriously, I’m pretty sure I saw MY name listed onscreen) for the post-credit scene.

Get Out (in theaters now)
Worth the hype, genuinely good thriller. Interesting twist…
2 problems (had to, right? because of the hype I went in with certain expectations…)
1. There are lit candles in the lab. Ambiance? Back-up light source? Obvious outcome?
Let’s go with obvious outcome. Which brings us to
2. The house catches fire. For no reason, for no plot purpose. For naught. I can only imagine that the rest of the house fire scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.
But seriously, if that’s my biggest complaint, kudos, right?

I have one more JARRINGLY OBVIOUS question, but for spoiler’s sake, I won’t mention it here. Suffice it to say–they ask this question point blank in the movie, but it is not answered. In context nor conversation. And it’s kind of important to the plot.

Once again, if this movie interests you–GO, you’ll enjoy it. If not, then don’t.

The Accountant (on the SkyStream ONE)
We wanted to see this in the theater, but didn’t make it at the time. A little long…but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We paused a lot to discuss–always a sign of a worthy flick. I hope they make The Accountant 2. We didn’t sit through the credits to the end, maybe they had a post-credit sneak preview?

Nocturnal Animals (on the SkyStream ONE)
Interesting movie…weird. Story in a story. All of the actors, not just Jake Gyllenhaal, should have been doing double duty a la Wizard of Oz, “And you, and you, and you, and you were there!” The movie and the book (the story in the story) should have been more directly linked. If you plan to watch it, do yourself a favor and begin five minutes in–the opening is oddly disturbing and has no merit on the movie, and stop five minutes before it “ends”–the ending you create will surely be better than the non-ending it has. That said, I kind of liked it.

What movies are you watching? Enjoying? Detesting?
Leave a message in the comments.

*click on the highlighted text to take you to pages with more information.

For your listening pleasure…or earworm irritation.


What kind of movie post would this be if I didn’t have a post-credit feature?!

The Perfect Host
I swear, the only reason I decided to review movies was to (re)introduce you to this title, lol. I lured you in with movies you’ve heard of, ones you probably want to see, will see, have seen…then BLAM! I hit you with David Hyde Pierce‘s The Perfect Host. I’ve actually mentioned this movie before in a blog post titled, The Best of the Bad, and that about sums it up. The reason I bring it up again, besides the fact that you probably haven’t seen it yet and this is your gentle reminder, is that it stars Clayne Crawford of the hit new TV series Lethal Weapon. (Thoroughly enjoyable action show, by the way.) I wonder how he feels about having this particular piece of cinematic drivel on his resume? Darn lucky, I imagine.

Remember, the bar is set really, really low here. If you don’t enjoy this for exactly what it is, then you’re watching it wrong.

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C is for

In my continuation of the Writer’s Alphabet, please allow me to introduce the letter C:

And in case there’s any doubt:

Come on, that’s cool. And reflective of the content. I made my own blood! See it in person at Book World (DeKalb and Freeport) or by ordering here: Pocket Money

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Before the fall…

I fully expect to skin both knees.
To roll an ankle or miss the last step completely and land on my butt. Hard.

If pride goes before the fall, my wipe-out is inevitable.
Because I couldn’t be more proud.

We just wrapped up Word of Art 3 and it was everything I hoped, planned, and really, really wanted it to be.

Burpee Museum of Natural History was a phenomenal venue for our exhibition and book release reception and working with Dennis Harezlak and Lily Pocs was wonderful. The 56 pieces of printed Word and painted, collaged, ceramic, photographic, framed, dimensional, bright, dark, elaborate, simple, touching, unique Art were displayed beautifully thanks to Kristin Oakley, Debbie Deutsch, Kathy Baker, Kathleen Weber, and Lynda Johnson. The accompanying book was elegantly designed by Jean Oberg. The room allowed enough tables and chairs for all attendees to sit comfortably and view the Author/Artist program with ease. Kathleen Tresemer did a phenomenal job as host and both the Word Judge, John Bradley, and Art Judge, Roni Golan, were in attendance to announce their winning selections. The food provided by Kristin Oakley, Christina Lamphere, and myself, was plentiful, colorful, and delicious. The evening was captured by photographers Caitlin Podemski, Nate Iverson, and Krystle Tyler. Nicole Frazer and the Jefferson High School student volunteers assisted throughout the evening and were superstars come clean-up time. In Print board members, Lisa Roettger, Ted Iverson, and Margie Seger, offered two tables for introductions, information, and sales.

Thank you to everyone who has participated, volunteered, or otherwise supported Word of Art over the past few years. I blogged last week about “being one proud mama“. I birthed an idea for a creative collaboration and it grew. I did not do it alone.
Thank you for being my village.

Word of Art 3 will be my last Word of Art.

It was a stellar event and I am absolutely bursting with pride.
Color me prideful.
I am the blueberry girl of pride. Roll me to the juicer.
The good news? If pride truly does goeth before the fall, I know there will be a handful of wonderful people there to catch me.

Which makes my spirit even more haughty.
Thank you for making me dangerously proud.
You’re the best.

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What is Word of Art?

Word of Art is a collaboration of Authors and Artists sponsored by In Print Professional Writers Organization that culminates in an exhibition and book release reception with a program featuring the authors and artists.

I participated in a similar author/artist partnership a few years back. They did a book, which ours is based on, and the paintings were hung as part of the Art in Your Eye art festival in Batavia, but I wanted MORE.

With Word of Art 1 and 2, I’d say–without bias–that we have achieved MORE.

Our first two years we partnered with Emmanuel Lutheran Church, hosting the exhibition in their gallery. It was perfect for displaying the Word and Art. In our third year, we were contacted by Burpee Museum of Natural History to be included as part of their 75th Anniversary celebration.

Do you have ANY IDEA how exciting this is for ME?! I grew up with Burpee! Burpee is not only an historical staple of the Rockford region, but it’s also nationally renowned as one of the top museums in the country! And my little author/artist collaboration is partnered with them?! I am a proud mama.

Then we thought, as long as we’re mixing things up with a new venue, how about we add DIMENSION?! You know, Word of Art 3D! We have 41 participants from 22 cities and 5 states. In three meager years, Word of Art has conquered the Midwest!

After months of planning, wording, and arting, Word of Art 3 is upon us.
And really, I’m almost finished printing…

What is Word of Art?
A gallery exhibition with Words and Art on display.
What is Word of Art?
A program with Authors and Artists sharing a love of creativity.
What is Word of Art?
An opportunity for Word and Art lovers to come together.
What is Word of Art?
A full-color hard cover book featuring the Word and Art.
What is Word of Art?
In a word, it’s AWESOME.

When is Word of Art 3?
Friday, March 10, 2017, 5 to 9 pm, with a program from 6 to 8 pm.
At Burpee, 737 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL
It’s free and open to the public.

You should come.

Want to know more about Word of Art 3? Click on the highlighted words:
Follow us on Facebook.
Meet WoA3 Art Judge, Word Judge, and Emcee. Get to know WoA3 venue.


General Parking Map

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The Writer’s Alphabet (B)

I mentioned in my 2017 To-Do List that I follow a blog known as The Introvert’s Dictionary and that I’d like to create a Writer’s version. I also recently stated that I’d be posting random blogs. Like this one! 🙂

I want to do all of the letters now. I is for Impatient? 
Click to see my digital The Writer’s Alphabet.
(Only two letters in so far–P is for be Patient!)

Here is letter B.


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We’ve been watching the CBS Wednesday night “reality” show called Hunted.  The premise is that a group of willing volunteers, known as “fugitives”, goes on the run for 28 days while a group of retired and ex intelligence professionals, known as the “hunters”, pursue them. If any of the nine couples reaches day 28, they will be awarded $250,000.

This show is a wizardry of editing, keeping the viewer constantly questioning–What day are they on? Why would they do that? How stupid are they?

The opening voice-over tells us, “Virtually everything we do in our daily lives leaves a digital trail.” It’s this trail the hunters hope to track.
And it’s kind of creepy the things they have access to.

Easy answer? GO OFF GRID.
Don’t call your friend. Don’t call your co-worker. Don’t call your mother.
Don’t email people. Don’t send letters. Don’t Facebook.
Don’t rent a car. Don’t borrow a car. Don’t buy a bus ticket.
And for goodness’ sake, don’t celebrate making it to day 14 with Taco Bell.
There are cameras everywhere. And willing witnesses, too.

Does “off grid” even exist anymore?

It’s an interesting premise, based on a successful British version, but it’s only okay. It can’t be better due to the inherent nature of television. “Hi, can my husband and I (and our camera man) borrow your phone?” “Is it okay if my friend and I (and our camera man) sleep on your floor?” And the liberties they take with editing are generous.

In this contemporary world of immediate gratification and constant digital connection, 28 days would be a very long time. When you’re used to texting your friends, calling your spouse, and Skypeing with your grandkids whenever you want, twenty eight days is a very…long…time…

Could you do it?
These 9 teams thought they could. The season’s not over yet, but I’m guessing they were wrong.

It might be interesting to see subsequent series. Survivor contestants surely grew and played better based on previous player experiences.

How boring would it be for 9 teams to make it 28 days, though? Hardly television worthy.


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Let’s Talk About Books, Baby (2)


It has occurred to me that if I wait for Mondays to post reviews, The Writer’s Alphabet, and general blogs, I’ll never get through everything I want to share. Call me crazy, but I’m going to start posting when I have something to say! I hope you enjoy these random updates.

What am I reading? Would I recommend it? And why?

I recently finished the hard cover copy of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.
I loved it.
Not only would I recommend it, but I would consider rereading it. And if you’ve seen the stack of books to be read on my night stand, you know that’s high praise.

The book was a Christmas gift. I was not familiar with the title or the author, but I was engaged by the flap write-up, “Are you happy with your life.” I was about a third of the way in when I happened to be watching a new show on TNT called Good Behavior. I recognized the writer’s name in the credits and immediately looked him up. Yep, same guy. Blake Crouch is also responsible for the Wayward Pines book series which the TV show is based on.

I zipped through Dark Matter– always a good sign. I don’t read bad books quickly.  There are definitely things I wondered about and times I questioned the author’s choices, but those moments were minor blips in a fast-paced, interesting, and fun-to-think-about story with a satisfying ending. I could go on with my critique, I have more to say, and if you’d like to discuss, please message me.

I do realize that I may be doing you a disservice with a glowing review. I blame my disappointment with Wool on setting the bar too high. What can I say? Dark Matter delivers.













For your listening pleasure:

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