In honor of today’s date, May 22, I’m offering my debut novel, Pocket Money, for free.

Click here to go to the Amazon page for your free download.

What happened on May 22, 1982 that continues to haunt our character 10 years later?
The entire novel takes place on one day, May 22, 1992.
This story will resonate with you 25 years after it happened. Download and read today!

May 22, 1992
I’ve been away four years. A college lifetime.
Heading back to meet up with my high school buddies, I wonder how I got to twenty-two with them still in my life. I wonder if they even are. Does today count? Initial nostalgia aside, do we know each other? Do they think they know me? Did they ever really know me? Things have changed.
“The guys hanging out, like old times,” they said.
What’s the worst that could happen? POCKET MONEY.

Pocket Money tells the tale of a day in the life of four friends who revel in their shared histories as they come to terms with where they are now, how they got there, and where they’re going.

Follow the psychological threads of each character as they tangle and unspool while life changing secrets are revealed during a day of memories…and murder.








Already read Pocket Money? Leave a review!
Already left a review? Read Kinder Garden!
Already read Kinder Garden? Leave a review!
Already left a review? YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.

Not free, but only $1.99!

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Meet ‘Miskey

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Comiskey Bo AJ Avi Lamphere.
‘Miskey, meet everyone.








We had a heckuva time deciding on a name. To be honest, I’m not sure we have…






Dave has pronoun issues. By his own rule, ALL cats are girls (our cat, Shawzy, is male) and ALL dogs are boys. Drives me nuts. After a weekend full of “he” references, I threatened to name her Girl.

Even she seems perplexed about the name conundrum.









Miskey is an 8 week old tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We bought her from a breeder in Missouri. She did great in the car on the eight hour drive home. She has a very sweet disposition. She’s curious and loving and so stinkin’ cute when she runs.
She seems to fit right in with our Corgi Crew. And cat. And BB.

I’m sure I’ll post updates as our Miskey grows. Or if her name changes, lol.
Puppy fix appointments available by request.


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Kindle Worlds: A Guest Blog

I recently published a novella titled, Kinder Garden, through the Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries World. My friend and fellow author, Christine Cacciatore, encouraged me to submit. She was one of the six original authors that launched the Mary O’Reilly Kindle World, just one of many worlds you can write in–including Wayward Pines, The Vampire Diaries, and even the world of Kurt Vonnegut. Below is a blog that Chris posted describing what Kindle Worlds is and how it works. She was kind enough to let me repost it here.

What is Kindle Worlds, anyway?
by Christine Cacciatore

My writing group, the In Print Professional Writer’s Organization, had a guest speaker named Terri Reid in the Spring of 2011.

She spoke to our group about her foray into self-publishing with the release of her first e-book, Loose Ends, a Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery. When we had secured her as a guest speaker, her book had been downloaded over 40,000 times. By the time she came to speak to our group, it had been downloaded 80,000 times.

Six years later, Terri is a best-selling author and not only has finished Book 19 of that series; she’s also written several other series and has fans around the world.

Because her books were selling so well, Amazon approached Terri with the idea to create a Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery World. She needed to assemble several authors for her end of June 2016 launch.

Here’s her email to me, in part: “I’ve been approached by Amazon to create a Mary O’Reilly Kindle Worlds – it’s like an Amazon fanfiction arena, but writers actually get paid for what they write. You write a story within the Mary O’Reilly World using the Mary characters and any other characters you want to create. You can write in any genre you want – as long as you use the main idea of the Mary O’Reilly World. 

“The other cool thing about this is that if an author has an established character in their own series – they can “visit” the Mary O’Reilly World and interact with Mary – but get publicity for their own character and book.”

To be honest with you, I could not say yes FAST ENOUGH.


Kindle Worlds is Amazon’s answer to fan fiction.  Directly from their website:

“Welcome to Kindle Worlds, a place for you to publish fan fiction inspired by popular books, shows, movies, comics, music, and games. With Kindle Worlds, you can write new stories based on featured Worlds, engage an audience of readers, and earn royalties.”

Before we started on our books, Terri sent us a character bible, describing the characters in her books that we could use. We were also told that if we wanted to, we could bring a character or two from one of our own books into the Mary O’Reilly Kindle World book that we were writing.

The nuts and bolts of it? Write a book over 10,000 words set in the Mary O’Reilly world. Add much or as little of Terri’s character (s) as you wish. Your book should be properly edited, proofread, and formatted. You will also need a cover for your book using the Kindle Worlds template found on their website. Kindle Worlds also puts a copyright page in for you, and prices your book, generally $1.99. Then writers use the self-publishing tool on Kindle World’s website and upload it. It’s extremely user friendly.

For the launch of the Mary O’Reilly Kindle Worlds, we all had to have our books ready and submitted to Kindle Worlds so they could go live on June 30 of 2016.

The day for the launch came. It was so thrilling. Six authors had brand new Mary O’Reilly World books to bring forth—a world where fans of the series were practically salivating to get their hands on books that featured her characters.

The following are links to the Mary O’Reilly Kindle Worlds books. Click on the name to be taken to their Amazon author page!

Chris gets a cover photo because it’s her blog!










Vicky Holt wrote Safety Measures in 2016 and Missing Links in 2017, last month. Vicky says, “For the process of writing for it, that part is easy. Simple to upload and quick review process. It’s nice to see my work getting more exposure than it would, thanks to Terri’s awesome success. That’s probably the biggest perk.” Vicky also points out, “As far as I can tell, no extra marketing going on. I even find it difficult to find Kindle Worlds in a basic search. “

Jan Hinds wrote Widow Maker, (Otherwise Engaged Book 3) in 2016. Jan writes, “It was a wonderful experience and I took the opportunity to overlap some of my characters with Terri’s. I have gained several new readers in the process and am thrilled to meet all of you. Having been a fan of the Mary O’Reilly series I thoroughly enjoyed working with her characters. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to Terri for enabling me to join this group and let my imagination mingle with Mary and her friends.”

Ophelia Julien wrote A Scattering of Bones in 2016. Ophelia writes, “Writing a story based on Terri’s characters and then having it go up for sale was an amazing experience. I loved being a part of it, and also meeting all of you in the process!  I think there needs to be a lot of clarification on exactly what KW is. I have a review on mine that complains about me writing a story using someone else’s characters, and notes that if I have a story to tell, I should just write my own work and stop using someone else’s. Terri very nicely got on and addressed this, explaining in detail exactly what KW was and why all these people were suddenly writing Mary O’Reilly stories, and with her permission. But there are still folks who seem to have a problem with the concept and don’t quite seem to grasp the underlying intent of a KW story.”

Donnie Light wrote Tangled Trail in 2016 and True Song in December 2016. Donnie’s books are doing very well, and although I did reach out to him for a comment, I don’t think he’s on Facebook a great deal—probably busy writing!

Maureen Tan wrote Hair of the Dog in 2016. Maureen says, “I’d say my overall experience was good…fairly straightforward paperwork, publishing interface, and prompt payment of royalties.  Oh, and I got to meet all of you, which was FABULOUS! Zero support, as far as I can tell, from Amazon on publicizing the books, so that was a little disappointing, mostly because it seemed like they were going to be more aggressive about it.  I guess my biggest frustration with it was readers who didn’t understand the concept of Worlds–back to Amazon/Kindle Worlds maybe needing to do a better job promoting/explaining the concept.”

Mary Lamphere released Kinder Garden last month. She is one of the newest writers of a Mary O’Reilly Kindle World story. Mary says, “I find a lot of people I talk to want to dismiss it as “fanfic”. There’s a lot of terrific fan fiction out there, but the ONE people know is 50 Shades and that seems to be what they want to compare my work to. I figure those people will be disappointed either way, right?! My experience with KW has been fine. It’s still early for me, so not much to report. I definitely plan on writing more in the Kindle Worlds!”

My repost, my cover, lol.










So, what does a Kindle Worlds writer make as a result of writing a KW book? That $1.99 is divided into three parts—a third for the author, a third for Amazon, and a third for the owner of the World you’re writing in.

Terri’s fans are some of the most loyal in existence, and the sales for the first few months our books were out in KW were astounding. Fans of our ownwriting were buying our books, and fans of Terri Reid’s Mary O’Reilly series were thrilled to have books about her character to hold them over until Terri’s next book came out.

That’s the special thing about Terri’s fans—they are absolutely in love with Mary O’Reilly and her now husband, Bradley Alden. They can’t get enough of Mary’s close friends, Stanley and Rosie, and the ghost named Mike, who is their daughter Clarissa’s guardian angel. Her fans read them voraciously the day they are live on Amazon.

My advice to you if you’re a writer looking to gain readership? Go to Kindle Worlds, browse through all the worlds they have to offer, and pick one that interests you. Then get to writing! You have nothing to lose, and only readers to gain.

If you’re a reader? Click on this Kindle Worlds link and immerse yourselves in quality writing in worlds you love. You won’t be sorry, and you’ll meet some superb new authors!

Thank you, Chris, for sharing your insight into Kindle Worlds.

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Gramma Brain

I had a purpose for this Thursday posting…
Hmmm, what was it?

*sigh* I’m forgetful.

There’s too much to remember! I just can’t “busy” like I used to.
I can’t possibly be expected to keep track of it all!
Especially with the potential digressions.

And distractions.
I think I suffer from grAyDD.
Look! A penny!

I need extra pairs of readers. For my purse, my pocket, my bathroom, my car, my office, my nightstand, my head, my face…ALL THE PLACES! (at the same time, right?) Because I don’t remember where I last had them. And seriously, I can’t read without them.








My very pregnant daughter suffers similar forgetfulness. She blames “mama brain”.

Sounds legit.

I have a whole generation worse–I have “gramma brain”.

Luckily, BBs are good for grandmas. All that repetition: parroting, reminding, redoing, retying, remaking, reheating…and sitting through sixteen re-readings of the same book. Soon we will graduate to memory games and I Spy, Where’s Waldo and Guess Who?. Surely those mental exercises will help keep me sharp. At least as sharp as a three year old.

I started this blog with a purpose, what was it…?
Movie review? Not today.
Book review? Nope.
Bragging on the continued success of my novella, Kinder GardenDone that.

Oh yeah!
We got a puppy.













How could I possibly forget that?!
I spoke with BB and he had NO TROUBLE remembering that Gramma got a goggie.

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I am a Best Selling Author

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!

My novella, Kinder Garden, is a BEST SELLER!
And that’s according to Amazon, not Dave.


Did you see? (upper right corner) It’s also a Hot New Release.

And also–

I was #1 for four weeks! Say it with me…NUMBAH ONE!

This is so exciting.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded Kinder Garden.
Thank you to everyone who read Kinder Garden.
Thank you to everyone who reviewed Kinder Garden.
Thank you to everyone who recommended Kinder Garden.

Thank you to everyone who’s going to…

Indie authors need your continued support. We need you.

If you want more of Mary O’Reilly, there’s an entire series waiting for you by author Terri Reid.

If you need a Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries World Stories fix, check out these titles by my friend and fellow author, Christine Cacciatore: Trouble Lake, and Grave Injury.

I have another publication, Pocket Money, which is available in both print and digital. Consider yourself warned, it’s definitely grittier than Kinder Garden.

Pocket Money is a psychological thriller about four old friends who reunite after college for a day of memories…and murder.

Publishing a book (or two) had been a goal of mine for quite a while. To achieve “best seller” status, even in a very small pool, for a brief period of time, is a wonderful feeling.
(Please forgive my indulgent bragging, but really it is your fault.)

Now, time to put the finishing touches on book 3!
Hope to introduce soon.

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You know who YOU are

I was in Madison and I thought of you.
I found a jar of Carmex in my bag and I thought of you.
I made mac’n’cheese and I thought of you.
I saw a red convertible Mustang and I thought of you.
I heard a commercial for 1-800-Kars-4-Kids and I thought of you.

I ate half a batch of raw cookie dough and it reminded me of you.
I passed a house that had been TP’d and it reminded me of you.
I saw a bag of water balloons on sale and it reminded me of you.
I got carded (!) and it reminded me of you.
I went to Panera and it reminded me of you.

I sipped a Spotted Cow and I thought of you.
I walked along the nature trail and I thought of you.
I saw a monkey and I thought of you.
I went to Taco Bell and I thought of you.
I sent a package in the mail and I thought of you.

I picked lilacs and put them in the vase you gave me.
I sat by the fireplace and read a book you recommended.
I made dinner with your Mother’s recipe.
I wore the t-shirt you made me.
I lit the candle you bought me and now you are my favorite scent.

I heard The Who on the radio and I thought of you.
I heard Andy Gibb on the radio, and I thought of you.
I heard Rick James on the radio and I thought of you.
I heard Tom Petty on the radio and I thought of you.
I heard John Denver on the radio, and I missed you.

Memories of you surround me.
Even when we don’t talk or see each other, you are very much a part of my life.
And I thank you.

My life is good.

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Equal Opportunity Exposure

A few weeks ago, I was on a Carnival cruise from New Orleans to Mexico.
Have you cruised? Spent time on a ship sailing south with total strangers? If yes, then you’ll know–Cruise ships are a microcosm of anatomy on parade. Not just a collection of people from strange lands and foreign cultures, all races, religions, beliefs and values, but specifically, body types.

Every adolescent coming into physical development, as well as those adults with body issues, should cruise. A few days on a boat at sea with global strangers can effectively undo years of Hollywood damage.

The equality of appearances is impressive. Of course you notice the differences, you can’t help but notice, but regardless of your initial reactions, your noticing does not matter. And after a while you just don’t.

A visual buffet of physiques, there is nothing not represented. Tall, short, thin, wide, young, old, scarred, ripped, tattooed, hirsute, husky, curvy, wiry, buxom, lanky, saggy, or taut in every shade from parchment to obsidian (and of course degrees of crimson by the end of the voyage).

There is no body shaming at sea because no one is ashamed of their body. There’s no time for covering up, hiding, being fearful of what others might think or say. There’s a leveling to deck exposure, everyone is on display, so no one cares.

You’re on a boat on the open, endless, beautiful, big blue sea/ocean/gulf with bright sunshine and salty breezes. Then you’re on land–exotic locations with fruity beverages and sandy beaches. Of course you’re going to put on a swimsuit. Squeeze into or slip on makes no difference, you’re on vacation. You don’t think about it. You socialize, eat, drink, sun, and play.

If only we didn’t think about it at home.


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