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Shout Out

We attended the Simon & Garfunkel Story at the Coronado Theater recently. We had great seats, courtesy of our daughter, and struck up a conversation with the couple next to us (with almost equally great seats, but no aisle). They … Continue reading

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3 Sentence Review: The Line

I thought the themes of Southern magic, romance, and humor were entertainingly woven into an engaging story and I was happy to discover this is book one in a four book series. I ‘read’ it on audio and the narrator, … Continue reading

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I Saw there was a Game Yesterday…

But I heard there were some commercials! As a Chicago Bears Football Fan, the season has been over for weeks (months), but it’s tradition to watch the Super Bowl in hopes of seeing how the game should be played. I … Continue reading

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Is it Chilly in here or is that just a Draft?

It’s a spectacular feeling to get through an entire story idea.Beginning, middle, and end, BOOM! written down.I have many partial first drafts.Many. It’s very drafty in here. Brrrr. (a little writer’s humor that might be funnier if I didn’t live … Continue reading

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