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Is it Chilly in here or is that just a Draft?

It’s a spectacular feeling to get through an entire story idea.Beginning, middle, and end, BOOM! written down.I have many partial first drafts.Many. It’s very drafty in here. Brrrr. (a little writer’s humor that might be funnier if I didn’t live … Continue reading

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A Book Review

I am constantly searching for a good read. For inspiration, instruction, or just to pass the time. I appreciate recommendations in general. But I REALLY love a recommendation that comes with an, “I loved this book and I think you’ll … Continue reading

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The value of X

We’re in the final stages of The Writer’s Alphabet… and I’m x-static to introduce the letter X. X-ing out is an important (and sometimes painful) part of the editing process. No matter how poetic the verse, exceptional the passage, or … Continue reading

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