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As you may recall, my parting pet peeve last week referenced not being notified that my submissions had been received. It’s hard enough to commit to entering a contest or submitting to a journal without wondering if your entry has … Continue reading

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Writer Pet Peeve #12

Writers write. We rewrite. And edit. And rewrite again. It’s hard to know when a piece is done. Walk away, come back later with fresh eyes. Then rewrite, edit, rewrite again. Sharing with readers, submitting to journals, entering contests, uploading … Continue reading

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Why Writing is better than Speaking

The most obvious answer is that when I write in public, I don’t get nervous, my mouth doesn’t go dry, and I don’t trip over my words. Seriously–I’ve been writing publicly for years! And not once have I ever been … Continue reading

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You Might be a Writer if…

I was on a writing retreat for four days with three other writers. After a while, I began to notice some communal traits. Following the model of redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy, I thought I’d share my observations. You might be … Continue reading

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