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Thank You Social Media for making Me a Better Person

Yes, you read that right. The subject for this post came to me the other morning as I was looking up a “fact” I read on Facebook. I usually hit delete on incendiary posts, things that shock, mock, attack, or outright … Continue reading

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The Devil Made Me Do It

It’s been a very long winter…and much television has been consumed. I’ve referenced binge-watching a couple of times in my posts. I’ve always mentioned how it’s not really my thang. With the DVR and Netflix, we already watch enough TV in … Continue reading

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Does Word Count Matter?

Word count for novels comes up frequently at my meetings and conferences. Yes, there are guidelines. There are averages and expectations. Agents, editors, and publishers might actually give you a number goal, but I hold to the idea that the story … Continue reading

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5 Tips for (New) Writers

After a decade of serious writing, classes, conferences, workshops, critiques, and six novel publications, I don’t consider myself a “new” writer anymore. But, that takes effort. I mean, I have done this stuff before, am still doing it, yet every … Continue reading

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