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I am pleased to say that my “no-ing” has paid off. To the tune of 56,799 words.   This NaNoWriMo was one of the easiest so far for me to complete. In part because once I got into telling my … Continue reading

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The older I get…

Aging brings repetition. Sure, that might reference your elderly relative and that one story that gets repeated every time you’re together. It also might reference how many times you enter a room not sure why. It could also simply be the number … Continue reading

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Obviously not everyone got the “Not Now, it’s NaNo” memo. Including me. Barring things I had already committed to… Book Club, In Print, Prompt Club, Bunco, a lunch date, a dental appointment, a surprise party, and those annual November things like birthdays and … Continue reading

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Well, will you lookit that! I posted a proactive blog one day and the very next day I’m posting progress! I can happily check “Stop @ Cemetery” off my Cup List. On my way home from Rockford yesterday, I slowed … Continue reading

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Cup List

There are a lot of things I want to do before I die. My “Bucket List” is quite long. Things like European travel, book publication, and being animated are at the top, but there are a lot of little things I want … Continue reading

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Van Damme School of Dentistry

I had to have a tooth extracted a couple of weeks ago. It was a horrendous experience. Three and half hours and four shots of Novocain later, I was one tooth shorter and traumatized for life. They had to dig … Continue reading

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