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Does Word Count Matter?

Word count for novels comes up frequently at my meetings and conferences. Yes, there are guidelines. There are averages and expectations. Agents, editors, and publishers might actually give you a number goal, but I hold to the idea that the story … Continue reading

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5 Tips for (New) Writers

After a decade of serious writing, classes, conferences, workshops, critiques, and six novel publications, I don’t consider myself a “new” writer anymore. But, that takes effort. I mean, I have done this stuff before, am still doing it, yet every … Continue reading

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As you may recall, my parting pet peeve last week referenced not being notified that my submissions had been received. It’s hard enough to commit to entering a contest or submitting to a journal without wondering if your entry has … Continue reading

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Writer Pet Peeve #12

Writers write. We rewrite. And edit. And rewrite again. It’s hard to know when a piece is done. Walk away, come back later with fresh eyes. Then rewrite, edit, rewrite again. Sharing with readers, submitting to journals, entering contests, uploading … Continue reading

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Why Writing is better than Speaking

The most obvious answer is that when I write publicly, I don’t get nervous, my mouth doesn’t go dry, and I don’t trip over my words. Seriously–I’ve been writing publicly for years! And not once have I ever been embarrassed … Continue reading

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You Might be a Writer if…

I was on a writing retreat for four days with three other writers. After a while, I began to notice some communal traits. Following the model of redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy, I thought I’d share my observations. You might be … Continue reading

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How to Make a Living with Your Writing

Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn, was the closing speaker for the Indie Author Conference back in November. Funny, personable, and ridiculously adept at making a living with her writing, Joanna writes both fiction and non-fiction. She gave us a bit of background, … Continue reading

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