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Free Time, a short story

I was talking to a reader about my novel Pocket Money yesterday and in a slip of the tongue, it was called Pocket Change. That reminded me I had written a short story titled Pocket Change. Pocket Money is a … Continue reading

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Introducing Safe Harbour!

It’s been a longer haul than I anticipated when I was prepping this novel for Kindle Worlds release in June. You know, before they CLOSED Kindle Worlds and I had to seriously consider how to handle the characters in my … Continue reading

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Christmas Letter ’17

I’m going to open this digital Christmas Letter with the obvious: I love Christmastime. I love sending mail. I love annual updates. I think it’s funny how many people complain about newsletters because they make it sound like the sender’s … Continue reading

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Turtles All the Way Down – a book review

I recently completed reading the latest John Green novel, Turtles All the Way Down. I saw an ad for my local DeKalb Book World saying they had a limited amount of author signed copies. I had seen John speak several … Continue reading

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Want to be a writer?

Want to be a writer? Then write.                                   Please note: When it comes to writing, THERE ARE NO RULES. Only style. And consistency.* That … Continue reading

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In honor of today’s date, May 22, I’m offering my debut novel, Pocket Money, for free. Click here to go to the Amazon page for your free download. What happened on May 22, 1982 that continues to haunt our character … Continue reading

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It’s National Novel Writing Month, again

It’s November and with November comes National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo for short. NaNo for shorter. This is the sixth year I’ve participated. I LOVE NANO. I like having an external deadline, November 30, and an expected outcome, 50,000 words. I like … Continue reading

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I have my first official book signing for my novel, Pocket Money, on Sunday, October 9, at a wonderful Indie bookstore called Mystery to Me in Madison.  I’ll be sharing an author panel with Kristin Oakley, who was kind enough to initiate this … Continue reading

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5 Things I learned this Past Weekend

We’ve had a very busy couple of days. I was in Chicago on Thursday to tour the Art Institute, then Bunco on Friday, followed by the NIU home-opener on Saturday, sadly, neither I nor NIU won, and then bbsitting on Sunday. … Continue reading

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Writers and Readers

I recently read a blog post weighing the pros and cons of hiring a publicist for your novel. In the article it said, “But in a sea of authors, how will potential readers know about your book?” This comment really struck … Continue reading

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