Coming soon…

I discussed my blog with people at the writers’ conference last week. “I blog every Monday,” I bragged. But this is the second week in a row that Monday has been missed.

Ever diligent, Tuesday it is.

My head is aswirl with ideas to share! Too many, in fact, to do justice to any. While I process, debrief, and get organized–please stay tuned.

Coming soon to a Monday* near you!

*As an adorer of alliteration, I like posting with Good Monday morning! Terrible Tuesday morning? Good Tuesday tea time? See, Mondays are better, er, Mondays are marvelous. Yes, Mondays are mighty fine.

**Consider these subjects rife with sub-subjects worthy of their own posts. Much good stuff to share!

Sneak peek of conference posts to come:

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Channeling the Chicago Blackhawks


I seem to be in a bit of a funk.
I forgot to blog yesterday.
Much like the Blackhawks forgot to defend.

It’s cool. It happens.
Not three games in a row.
But, whatever.

I remembered about 11:10 last night that I hadn’t posted my weekly Monday Blog. The game was not even close to over yet at that time, and technically, I could have posted and still been considered Monday timely.

Having stuck out that disastrous OT, I kind of wish I had removed myself from in front of the television and faced instead the computer screen. I have NO IDEA what I would have written about…maybe Easter successes, how stinkin’ cute my BB is, or the excitement of heading out the the Las Vegas Writers’ Conference on Wednesday…Good stuff, you know.

There are many things better than this post-loss feeling.

Luckily, it’s first to 4, and Nashville, wicked as they may play, ain’t hit four.
Seriously, how exciting would that comeback be?!

That’s the feeling I hope to channel!

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And I’m LIVE!

My latest published work is now available on Kindle!

Download Kinder Garden today!

It’s a novella in the Kindle World of Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery by author Terri Reid.

Only $1.99, it’s a quick and satisfying read.
You should totally download it, read it, and review it!

Here’s the dealio:
My friend, author Terri Reid, began the Mary O’Reilly series about 7 years ago. She had tremendous success. Through 18 stories, she has kept Mary O’Reilly Alden  going strong! Amazon approached her about opening her world to other authors through the Kindle Worlds program. Kindle Worlds allows other authors to contribute stories to established series. There are many series available in Kindle Worlds. Anyone can submit. Including me.

So, I did.

I really enjoyed writing in Mary’s World. I have several ideas for follow up novellas. I hope my initial foray, Kinder Garden–a diversion from my debut novel, Pocket Money, does well so I can delve deeper into her world. They are admittedly different fictions, but I enjoyed writing them, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Squeee, I am so excited.

To download now, click here, Mary Lamphere.
Or here, Kinder Garden.


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Feels like the first time…

I hit “enter” on the digital upload for my second publication* today. That’s some scary key pressing.

Seeing as I’ve already done this BEFORE*, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

I suspect every time feels like the first time.
Doubt creeps, worry consumes, errors are imminent.

Luckily, in this current digital age of publishing, doubt can be assuaged, worry overcome, and errors corrected. But still…I’m not sure that practice can make perfect when every project is a new project, when each story is a new story, when every pressing of the “enter” key feels like the first time.

I’ve completed stage one of the publishing process. Now I wait.
Wait for approval.
On story content.
Cover art.
And the horrible, torturous, dreaded formatting.
When it’s live, I’ll let you know.

Oh, man, will I ever let you know!

*In the meantime, help yourself to my FIRST publication, Pocket Money. Available on Amazon, Kindle, B&N, and also at local libraries and select book stores.

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A Book Review for Dog Lovers

The latest in my Let’s Talk about Books, Baby review series:

“Thanks to an unprecedented–and unaccredited–writing program, dogs everywhere are exposing their true inner lives through the power of poetry.” So opens, I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs, by Francesco Marciuliano, a delightful literary indulgence for dog lovers.

It’s a terrific gimmick. An impulse buy for yourself or a gift for that special someone you don’t know what to get for but you know they like dogs so this will do. Good choice.

Seriously, I enjoyed this book more than I probably should have. With a collection of poems told from the dogs’ perspective and matching photos of adorable canines, how could you not love this book?

Oh, you’re a cat person.
In which case, there are books in the series for you, too.



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Freeing Time

I am cutting back on my obligations. I’m retiring from my voluntary career. After six years of dedication to In Print Professional Writers’ Organization, I’m stepping down. No longer on the board in any capacity, nor lingering in the peripheral with ancillary duties, I’m done.

This includes Word of Art. After three amazingly successful, fulfilling, and labor intense events, I am no longer the go-to for anything WoA related.

I have to admit, this freeing feeling is tinged with melancholy. I imagine it’s a bit like empty-nesting. I have parented these programs since inception! And now I’m releasing them.

But more so, I am filled with a huge sense of relief. My IP to-do list is nearly to-done! (Come see my farewell appearance on the Writers’ Conferences panel discussion at the next In Print general meeting, 1-4 pm, Saturday April 8, at the Roscoe Public Library.)

When I consider all of the time I am freeing–no more FB posts, website updates, committee reports, board meetings, nametag printing, etc, etc…I have to say, I get giddy.

I am so encouraged by the idea of FREE TIME! I love having a whatever-I-want-to-do list!

Now, I know, you can’t actually “free” time. You can’t save it, collect it, stash it away and conjure as needed. It will still pass. But I look forward to the new adventures ahead of me.

I wrote a blog a couple of years ago about the literal translation of Tempus Fugit being Time Flees. Today’s post would be Tempus Libero, Time Frees.

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A whole new world…

In my continuation of The Writer’s Alphabet,
please allow me to introduce you to the letter D.

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