Bad Packers

I am a terrible Packer.
As a Bears fan, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but as a world traveler,
I should be better.

I have read, researched, and asked around and I still can’t get it right.
Heck, I’ve DONE IT repeatedly and I still can’t get it right!

I am a chronic over-packer.
(after last night’s game, not where you thought I was going, huh)

You would think that with over-packing I would include everything I need PLUS much much more.
But no.

Even though I have shoved as much as will possibly still zip, I guarantee I have left out the things I will actually need. I have not only over-packed, but I have also mispacked.

This is why I like to drive. You can fit a whole lot more into the back seat of a car than you can fit in a suitcase!
(My pillow. Enough said.)

It’s true, I am a Mispacker. (Not to be confused with Miss Packer, Clay Matthews.)
Packers Eagles Football

I do not know why I think I would wear something in Zurich that I haven’t worn in weeks, months… years. Honestly, if it’s not in the forefront of the closet, it should probably be going in the Goodwill bag, NOT the travel bag!

I hear they don’t wear white tennis shoes abroad. But they do wear lots of khakis.
Do I really believe that based on rumor, my clothing choices will make me look any less ‘touristy’ in Italy? The neck camera is a pretty indicative accessory.

Why in the world are the seams on my suitcase straining for a trip to Mexico? It’s hot, summer clothes take up less space, what the hell is in my bag?

I also can’t for the life of me understand why I would purchase something for that trip to New Zealand that I wouldn’t wear at home. I guess I think vacations don’t cost enough.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Easy-peasy, right?
Cheap Trick, Bears, Get Lit, I’m good to go.
I guess part of me thinks I should represent America better than faded jeans and a worn Billy Squier tee.
(But then again, what represents America better than Levi’s and an 80’s rock icon?)

Maybe I think this is an opportunity to reinvent myself in a land where I am unknown.
Perhaps a part of me feels hindered by my apparel and is looking to make a break?
Different look, fresh start, new me?


Regardless of the khakis, cords or *gasp* skirts I pack, I end up wearing –and rewearing– my jeans and t-shirts, usually the items I’ve selected for travel days, you know, for comfort. So of course, I have to buy stuff wherever I am because I didn’t pack enough of the staples. You thought that Senor Frog shirt was a souvenir? Ha, it’s a necessity!

I’m traveling in a foreign land, far from the amenities of home, why do I possibly think NOW is the time to redress? If I was comfortable in cords, I’d wear cords.
Damn, Mary, looks like you crammed everything but logic in that luggage.

On my most recent pack for Ireland, I considered pulling a Lisa Simpson and bringing an empty suitcase to fill as truly needed.

Homer: [picking up Lisa’s empty suitcase] Hmm, somebody’s traveling light!
Lisa: Meh, maybe you’re getting stronger.
Homer: Well, I have been eating more.

Like every other time, this last time I, too, went through my travel ritual of packing, unpacking, repacking, repeat as necessary. Then I stopped. I put away the cords and pullovers I’d bought for this trip. (!?!) And I selected items ONLY from the clean clothes pile. Clothes that I had worn within the past week. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, socks, etc.

Then I added too many shoes and an excessive amount of items for layered warmth.
I still mispacked, but not to my usual extent.
Perhaps I’m getting better?

Even though my last trip was pretty recent, I’d be willing to put my newfound packing ability to the test…
Travel anyone?

But I swear on all things holy and Halas that I will never claim to be a good Packer.
(go Bears!)

About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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5 Responses to Bad Packers

  1. Geri Gibbons says:

    You are a riot. So, I am a bad packer too (and a bad Packer — football?)…I have stories. We’ll share…but my reformation occurred when I went into REI and got some of their packing gear before my trip to Scotland two years ago. I packed for ten days in one tiny suitcase, still brought too much, but looked very put together with it and STILL could shop while there. Head to REI…your troubles are over.

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