The Gramma Shower

I had the idea the moment I thought about my grand bb coming to my house to play…

I will need bb stuff! And not just play stuff, but important stuff like bedding and a stroller and high chair and a car seat. And scads of adorable teeny tiny clothes!
And diapers, too, I guess. Even MY grand bb might make an occasional whoopsie.

(I kid, of course. I still remember the eating, sleeping, pooping, repeat new-bb cycle. Of course even whoopsies are cute when they’re coming out of your grand bb.)

It occurred to me in this day and age of anything goes, and Pinterest, that I might be on to something… A Gramma Shower! I can invite all of the people that are excited for me—and equally relieved it’s not them (yet). I thought, maybe that’s too forward, asking for additional bb stuff just to make my life easier, but I countered with how I would gladly contribute to another’s Gramma Shower, it’s such a smart idea.

I want my bb’s to be comfortable at my house. And I want their parents to be confident dropping them off in my care. If the parents don’t have to load up and drag over the essentials every time, well then, even better!

(and let’s face it, the “essentials” have changed– and multiplied!)

My original thought was to have the Gramma Shower the second week in July so my nursery could be ready for Nicole & Zach’s first anniversary, July 19. Congratulations, gimme the bb! er, I mean, here, let us take him/her for the night so you two can get away.
I think it will be better to wait until after the bb is born to plan the shower—I assume that if I can promise guests a baby, they’ll be more comfortable bringing stuff. But with a due date of June 25th, that’s cutting it awfully close, don’t really want to play pass the bb at only a couple weeks old.

And trust me, as cute as he/she will be at three weeks, he/she will be even cuter a few weeks later! Cuter bb = better stuff, it stands to reason.

A Gramma Shower would in NO WAY conflict with Nicole’s showers! I actually kind of think there will be little overlap. I’m pretty secure in the idea that MY friends, the one’s my AGE, will be willing to trade stuff for me NOT reminding them that theoretically, they could be Grammas, too. Then there’re the ones that are already Grammas and understand how much easier it is to have your own bb stuff. (And also wish they’d have thought of having a Gramma Shower, I’m sure.)

There have been two distinct responses to my Gramma Shower idea. Awe of brilliance and, meh, not sure you can do that. Maybe I can’t. Maybe I’ll make plans, send invites, prepare food and games and prizes, and no one will come. Maybe invitees will arch a brow and wonder what I’m smoking. Or maybe this will be the next big thing.

As mega-far away as this due date is (egads, JUNE!), the Gramma Shower is even further. Plenty of time to consider, hone and plan. I truly believe that now that it’s been put out there, it might not be such a foreign idea by August! I can see the notion evolving into Gramma Party Products, Gramma Swaps,  and of course, a Gramma Registry.


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I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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