Facebook Notes (Part 4)

Hard to believe, considering my weekly blogs, but I only posted four Facebook notes! Here is the last of them.


Printer’s Row

June 7, 2011 at 9:55 AM

My time in Chicago was brief, but I still enjoyed the event immensely. I attended the New Author Panel, featuring Deanna Fei, Samuel Park, Belinda McKeon, and Rebecca Makkai, moderated by Patrick Sommerville. The four ‘new’ authors all had some sort of history in the writing field– journalism, teaching, MFA, poetry, short stories… but a full length novel was truly new to them. They talked about how forgiving novel writing can be. You have the time to tell a whole story, really develop characters and events, and they each felt that novels have a way of naturally adapting to many styles. Each admitted to spending years working on developing some nugget of an idea they just couldn’t shake. I could identify with much of their discussion, but I also felt like I learned a lot from them.

My second seminar featured Marcus Sakey, “in conversation with Sean Chercover.” That’s how it read in the promotions, and it was very true– this was just two guys, old friends, sitting in front of a group of people, shooting the shit. They covered the requisite new publication promotions, but mostly they just chatted and entertained. I don’t know that ‘crime fiction’ is a genre I’ve much experience with, but they made me want to read both of their new books. Sakey also talked about his new TV show on the Travel Channel, featuring cities and their famous crimes from a writers POV, first stop, Chicago. http://www.marcussakey.com/ and http://www.chercover.com/

I always enjoy walking through the stands, perusing old books and meeting new people. I bought (another) Get Lit shirt (five bucks, can’t beat that!) and I signed up for the Go Do Good campaign, http://www.godogoodchicago.com/. It was a hot day, but it wasn’t raining! Until it rained, :), and I headed for the train. Wet books make me sad. I was happy to meet up with Pamela for lunch, a session and a walk in the rain, but I’m sorry to have missed the other In Printers in attendance! I’d love to hear about the Applegates’ adventures with their time at the CWA table! (nice location, btw!)

I wish I had had more time, but since my day was nicely filled, I really can’t complain. Besides, there’s always next year. 🙂


Wow, this was a blast from the past! I’ve come a long way, baby. From eager attendee to published author. For the past two years, I’ve sold MY BOOKS at Lit Fest.

Very cool.

So, that’s it for my Facebook notes. I hope you have enjoyed my meander down memory lane. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes. And also, how much of it I waste on Facebook.

I’m pleased to say that all of the authors listed above are established and continuing to publish! Check them out. Click on the names to go to the website.
Deanna Fei
Samuel Park
Belinda McKeon
Rebecca Makkai
Patrick Sommerville
Marcus Sakey, Hidden City on the Travel Channel
Sean Chercover
The Applegates
CWA (Chicago Writers Association)
Chicago Printers Row Lit Fest
In Print Professional Writers Organization

Also, out of curiosity, I looked up that Go Do Good Chicago campaign. Here is a (dated) update. Rather disappointing on many fronts. 😦 Please consider that we don’t need a campaign–or art installation. Just go do good because you can.

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