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Dating Game

Dating Myself: For some reason, Colorforms popped into my head the other day. Do you remember Colorforms? This is not my photo, but I did have this set! I had several sets. Because I loved them. I remember playing for … Continue reading

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Haiku Review

Everybody Wants Some !! A kick-ass soundtrack But mediocre movie With the guy from Glee The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream Writers as Readers July book club selection Messy info-dump Gilead Another WaR book I read it … Continue reading

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5 Things You can do for Me

Buy Pocket Money.  From Amazon. Or Kindle. Or even through Barnes & Noble. (I’m on B&N, too!) A lot of people say they want to buy it from me directly so I get the money. I understand the logic and appreciate the … Continue reading

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Five Things You Should Know About Pocket Money

The protagonist is male. In the early stages of beta reading, people were occasionally confused, thinking it was a girl. Maybe because I wrote it and I’m a girl?When I corrected them, they would say, well, it could be a … Continue reading

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