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‘Tis the Season

It is officially that time of year when I begin thinking in “and thens.” Yesterday was my son’s birthday (24, who believes?) and then there’s Thanksgiving (times two), and then there’s my daughter’s birthday (26, holy shit), and then there’re … Continue reading

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The New Normal

We’re all so busy all of the time. Crazy busy. C’mon, you know you are, or have been, or will be. Busy can be fun, it can be important, it can be crazy, but in the end, it’s not really … Continue reading

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It’s Monday?

Oh shit, it’s Monday! I totally forgot… well, not so much forgot as did not think about it at all. It appears that my mind is at capacity. There is no room left for new thoughts—or even old thoughts. Or, … Continue reading

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I love Mondays. I made the Monday discovery a long time ago. The kids went back to school after notoriously busy weekends filled with practices, projects, parties and away games. Dave began his work week. And I had the house … Continue reading

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