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So close to Christmas…

December 23rd. Two days before Christmas. Which is generous when you consider Christmas Eve. One and a half days to get things done. And in three days it will be over. If you haven’t started enjoying the season, please do … Continue reading

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Of Christmases Past

Christmastime is a season for recollection. Remembrance. Tradition. Have you noticed that as we grow older, our traditions change? Become harder to hold onto? Do you find yourself adapting instead of repeating? It seemed so much easier before. Kudos to … Continue reading

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As Merry a Christmas as Can Be

It’s not a surprise to say that Christmas is an emotionally charged time for many people. Whether it’s bliss, sorrow, gratitude, guilt, or stress you’re experiencing, it’s most certainly intensified. Christmas is the ELEVEN on the amplifier of holidays. No … Continue reading

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After Christmas

Congratulations! You have officially survived Christmas. All those weeks of planning, prepping, buying, baking, carding, cleaning, and wrapping have paid off. (in the words of those oh-so-popular-this-time-of-year infomercials) BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The myriad of things you didn’t get done have come … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays are back!

Growing up, I loved the holiday season. Beginning with Thanksgiving then Christmas and finally New Year’s. The decorations, festivities, family, food, fun! Love, love, love. I had a lot of family, extended through love and loss, but it didn’t matter. Come Christmastime, … Continue reading

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