Welcome to the Path Unwritten

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

This site will allow you to get to know me both personally and professionally. I have posted a list of my published works as well as my works in progress.

I’d like you to consider yourself my sidekick as we venture into the ever-changing world of publication! (Wouldn’t you like to be able to say, “I knew her when…!”?)

My goal as a writer is to take these (*brilliant*) ideas from my ever-churning imagination and get them in print. (Little plug for my professional writer’s organization.)
Or online, audible, digital, artistically crafted or whatever technology comes up with next to get them to a reading audience.

I welcome you to join me on my writing journey. Please subscribe to my Monday Blog, MaryFranSays and check in regularly for updates as I write the path unwritten…

Thank you.
Take care & Enjoy,

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Path Unwritten

  1. Chris says:

    You are so awesome. I’m glad to say I knew you before “when”!!

  2. Pam Riley says:

    Mary, you sound delightful! I was led to you by a florist in Nebraska City. I had gone to Nebraska City to attend a writing conference for the week-end and had stopped in his shop. He was kind enough to show me your Word Of Art book…how lovely! So naturally I mentioned the find during our conference and had a lot of very interested people. Can you tell me more? My name is Pam Riley and e-mail is pamr951@gmail.com. Thanks. I am signing up for your blog so will follow your journey as well. May Fall be a wonderful muse…

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