3 Sentence Review: TV – Paper Girls

Since I watch more television than I read books, it only makes sense to add shows and movies to my critical collection. This week, I give a quick review of the Amazon Prime TV series, Paper Girls.

  1. I’d never heard of this comic-based TV show, was completely uninformed when we started watching, but was intrigued enough by the characters, story, and 1988 nostalgia, that we watched all 8 episodes in a record-breaking (for us) week.
  2. I loved the casting and the premise, felt the characters were authentic in their emotion, states of (im)maturity, and interests, but as with all time-travel fiction, it is important to not overthink the logistics.
  3. Since I don’t know anyone who has watched, I looked up some reviews and found that this seems to be a show viewers either really like or really don’t, whether because it is too much like what they expected it to be or not enough so, as usual, my recommendation is that if the premise intrigues you, you should give it a chance.

Full title: Paper Girls
Creator for TV: Stephany Folsom
Original Creators (comic): Brian K. Vaughan (writer), Cliff Chiang (artist)
Genre: Science Fiction Drama

Brief Synopsis: Four twelve-year-old paper delivery girls meet up in the wee hours the morning after Halloween to do their routes together and get caught up in a war between time-traveling factions. They jump from 1988 to 2019 and meet/see adult versions of themselves. Not sure whom to trust, they try desperately to return to their home year.

The first season is 8 episodes long, each averages about 40 minutes.
There is some buzz about a season 2 (please, please, please), but no confirmation as yet.

This is my first 3 Sentence Review: TV, but for book reviews, click here.

Review stinger (or end credit sentence)~
4. I thought it was pretty interesting to discover that Paper Girls had been filmed in Illinois.

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