Six Degrees of House

I recently started watching the television series, House M.D., starring Hugh Laurie. I realize I am late, it aired from 2004-2012, which makes it perfect for twenty-four hour syndication now.

I started to watch episodes on my lunch break, ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there, four straight episodes later that day, because it was on. At first, I caught whatever episode, whenever. Then, you know, once I was hooked, I went back to the beginning to view in order.

Yes, it’s formulaic.
Yes, it’s totally trope-y.
Yes, it’s incredibly smart.
Yes, it can be a bit repetitious.
Yes, they’re probably most likely, after terribly invasive and dangerous procedures, going to save the patient. (spoiler)
But that’s not why I watch.

I watch to see the Who’s Who of Hollywood!
It reminds me of episodes of The Love Boat from when I was a kid. Guest stars from all walks of fame…up and comers, prime timers, and nostalgic wow-they’re-still-alivers.

I keep my phone handy when the show is on. I recognize faces…who is that? Who were they? Who did they become? Remember, my current obsession has been retired for eight years.


I wasted a lot of time this morning doing research on the cast.
A LOT of time because there are a LOT of stars!
I made a list. I organized them into categories. Here’re a few:
Musicians: Dave Matthews! LL Cool J! Patrick Stump!
Old associations: Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati)! Kurtwood Smith (That 70’s Show)! Curtis Armstrong (many things, but forever Booger from Revenge of the Nerds)!
New associations: Lucas Till (MacGyver)! Leighton Meester (Single Parents)! Andrew Leeds (Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist)!
Faces I recognize from recent viewingJimmi Simpson and Jurnee Smollett from the new The Twilight Zone series!
Most fun to see: Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame.
Half the cast of Supernatural has been on House, (including Booger).

But the award for being practically EVERYWHERE goes to Mackenzie Astin! As seen on House, The Magicians, and most recently, a kickass new series that’s clever, funny, and touching– Teenage Bounty Hunters!

Okay, this is taking too long.
(and trust me, could take MUCH longer!)

Just for fun, a Six Degrees of House and Kevin Bacon
Guest star Greg Grunberg (Alias) to Hollow Man to Kevin Bacon.
Who needs six degrees?!
First name on the House cast list that I clicked on!
I’m sure there are many, many more.

Did YOU watch House? What did you love about the show?
Do you watch House, what do you love?

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