DeKalb Weird

Some of you are probably thinking, about time, right?
And others are like, what?

A quick refresher–whenever I travel, I try to keep track of things that I experience that are new and/or different for me. You know, anything that causes me to say, “Hmm, well that’s weird.”

I’ve published “weird” lists for Ireland (twice), Austin, and our trek to Boston. And since I can’t travel right now, I thought I’d put my own town to the weird test.

Obviously, Pringle single serve vending machines and Pokemon sock torches are ‘normal’ in Ireland.

As are bat bridges and city buses that avoid the Capital in Austin. And, of course, walking your cat through the park in Boston and locking your bike seat to a tree.

Today, I compile a list for my own DeKalb. That’s dee-kal b. Not dee-kahb. And, for the record, it’s capital D, little e, capital K, little a-l-b. And, we’re in DeKalb County, Illinois, not the one in Georgia.

A couple of quick Fun Facts:
* DeKalb is known as “Barb City” thanks to barbed wire barons Joseph Glidden and Isaac Ellwood.
* Super model Cindy Crawford was born and raised in DeKalb.
* Northern Illinois University is in DeKalb.

It’s harder than you’d think to find “weird” stuff where you live. I mean, when I travel, I’m comparing my regional offerings and expectations to those places, which is how I decide what counts as “weird”.

But, here goes
a couple of WEIRD things
I’ve seen in DeKalb lately…

The woman STANDING at the drive thru window of our bank. (Where Cindy Crawford’s mother used to work.) I realize the inside of the bank is closed, but her car was parked where the next car in line would have been. So, she drove to the lane but then walked to the window? Kinda weird.

The shopping cart full of bagged (and I assume, paid for) items left behind my car in the store parking lot. I perused the lot for its owner, saw no one, moved it aside, unloaded my groceries into my trunk, put my cart in the corral, and then stood and looked around for a person missing a cart. I saw no one!

There are real groceries in there! Who abandons their cart behind someones car? I have theories…but its weird, right?

Okay, this next one–
was the inspiration for this list.
Because I dumped out the bag and thought, What the heck? But then my NEXT thought was, “Hmm, well that’s weird.”

We went to the Burger King drive thru for breakfast. Picked up a couple of bacon croissants, a couple of sausage biscuits, and a bunch of their tasty hashbrown rounds.
And, as a bonus, we received–

Maybe that’s NOT weird for you.
Maybe you always get a handful of jelly to go with your egg, cheese, and meat breakfast sandwiches. Maybe you dip your tots in grape pectin preserves.
I don’t judge.
I do, however, get BK breakfasts occasionally and have NEVER before been provided with half a bag of jam.

So, yeah, I thought it was weird.
And blog post inspiring.

I hope the ‘weird’ in your life is equally entertaining.
Do share!

About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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4 Responses to DeKalb Weird

  1. Heidi says:

    When I moved to DeKalb from Minnesota, everyone at work teased me about my Minnesotan accent…the one, for the life of me, I can’t hear…back to the topic…I swore I was saying DeKalb just like everyone one else, but apparently not! I started listening to the radio to practice saying it. I’m pretty sure I never got it right.
    As my work moved to Wisconsin, I was teased about my Minnesotan accent there too. Maybe the funniest thing is…when I moved back to Minnesota, I could hear everyone else’s Minnesota accents!

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