It’s a Petty Party!

Usually we don’t want to focus on the petty gripes of daily life. Those hashtag First World Problems, #FML, or #SMDH kind of posts. Especially when we have BIG things to complain about. And hooboy, do we have bigger things. But today, as we head into week three of our containment, I say, let’s have a PETTY PARTY!

Let me go first–
You know what’s really bugging me? I recently had the carpet removed and hardwood installed in my hallway. It’s beautiful! I love it! Yet, and here’s a good example of first world problems, the hallway walls are not aligned making the grooves of my new planks obvious. With carpet, I had no idea my walls were crooked! Just admiring the dark wood, I can’t really tell. But when I put the rug runners down, OMG, the OCD that I do not have absolutely kicks in.

I have tried every possible way to adjust the not-completely straight carpet runners to best camouflage the imperfect lines between walls and wood seams. There are none. Not completely true. In the dark, it’s harder to see.

I can’t NOT have runners. Loud, slippery, running the risk of dog claw marks, etc…ON MY NEW FLOOR! Carpet strips are a must.
I will learn to live with it.

Probably about the time I can leave my house.
Just sayin’.

What are YOU griping about NOW that pre/post Covid would be no big deal?
Scratch lightly. I want truly silly, frivolous, superficial, ridiculous complaints.

My god, could my cat lick his butt any louder?!

Yeah, like that.

What do you mean there’re only FOUR seasons of The Good Place?! That’s like one afternoon of viewing.

I know, right?

If I close my eyes when I walk down the hallway, it’s not so crook–oh, wall!–ed. Huh.

Your turn.
This is a safe zone, share freely.
Remember, GO PETTY you’re ALREADY HOME.

About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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