Listen up!

In this time of isolated binding–housebound, carbound, cubiclebound, etc, you’ve got plenty of time to listen to great tunage.

My last “social” event was The Unlikely Candidates concert at The Bluebird Theater in Denver. We really could not have had a better send off to quarantine. The bands played well–rocked the house. They were personable and friendly on and off stage, and signed and greeted after their sets.

The openers were RH2, a fantastic band with a great front man and a too short set. Check out their music videos here. They did a cover of Cheap Trick‘s I Want You to Want Me–and in a bizarre twist of concert fashion, I was NOT wearing my Cheap Trick t shirt!

Next up were Castlecomer, a group out of Australia. This band came a loooong way to rock a few sets before the tour was cancelled. They, too, were really enjoyable with a star front man and talented musicians. Check out some of their videos here.

The headliners, The Unlikely Candidates, a band that Dave found while doing a search of venues along our trek home from Las Vegas, were amazing. We listened to them a lot before the Vegas trip in preparation for the show–and, thinking they were our little secret, were super impressed to hear their hit single Novocaine, played over the P.A. in the Palazzo. Then we found out the song was #1 at Alternative Radio. As it should be.

It was a great show with three really great bands. The Bluebird Theater is the perfect venue. Not too big, good sound, and a tiered floor with rail dividers for leaners like me.

This is music you can move to. Groove to.
Wash your hands to.

Seriously, each of these bands deserves your attention.
The Unlikely Candidates
I hope you will check them out.
(click band name for Spotify links)

Now, tell me–who are YOU listening to?
What are some of your favorite Quarantunes?
What’s your “Shelter in Place” soundtrack?
Share in the comments!

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