One Cherished Gift

I want to say thank you to everyone who has shared a “Thanks, Gifts, and Giving” story with me. I hope to run them next Monday. Consider this your tissue warning.

To kick off the story sharing, I thought I’d offer my own tale of a personal gift that inspires humor and fond memories. A cherished gift that lingers.

Faraway Smile and Cracker Jack Ears

When my son was born, he had, hmmm, how shall I say this delicately? I’m not sure, since ‘delicate’ is the opposite of adjectives.
He had big ears.
So what, right? He was (is) adorable.











My Aunt Rosemary, a collector of antiquities and other interesting items, gave me an old magazine ad, because, she said, “It reminds me of Zach.”

I love this gift.
I framed this gift.
I have this gift hanging in my hallway.

A friend once commented on how she would have been offended.
I just smiled. I mean, offended? Why? Because my aunt was uniquely reminded of my child? Because she focused on the obvious? Because she took the time to offer a gift?

The picture makes me happy. Who doesn’t need more of that?!

The gift wasn’t expensive. It probably has no monetary worth whatsoever. Yet, to me, it’s invaluable. It captures a place and time long past. Because, you know, my son grew into those ears.

I’m proud to say, the story continues with a relatively new addition…
My grandson, Evan, shares his uncle’s ears, making the page all the more relevant.






As you may know, we lost my Aunt Rosemary earlier this year. But thanks to this silly little ad displayed in my hall, I am reminded daily of her. Of her humor, insight, and generosity.

I hope my story connects with you on some level. Whether it be a wonderful aunt, big ears, or a cherished gift.

“The look of summer is a bemused faraway stare, set off by false ears from a box of Cracker Jack.”
I also love the caption.

This post was inspired by a column entitled, “Gifts that stay with us a Lifetime“, by Heidi Stevens. If you would like to share your own story of something personal that’s been gifted to you, please send a write up to

Thank you. ❤

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