Cupdate 2

I can check a couple more things off my Cup List!

Thanks to the support and encouragement of some great friends, after driving past it twenty times a week, I finally had lunch at Noodles & Company.  And now I’m okay with simply driving by. The company was fabulous! The noodles? Meh. But I wanted to go and I went. Ch-check!

I also got my cat a new collar. Ch-check. (This is proof that they don’t need to be big things, they just need to get done.)

This wasn’t mentioned in the original Cup List blog, but I’ve always wanted to make soup from a turkey carcass or ham bone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrapped them up and stuck them in the freezer, planning on getting to it later–because, quite frankly, by the time I’d get around to cooking it up, I am so over turkey or ham. And then months later, I’m tossing the “leftovers” into the trash can. Not this time! We had a delicious bone-in ham and before I could get tired of it (there’s still a baggie full of ham slices in the fridge), I tossed that ham bone in the crock pot with some other fresh and savory ingredients and made myself ham and bean soup. YUM. Ch-check! (And this is proof that sometimes you can check something off the list that wasn’t even on it!)









I had such a positive response to that original blog about making and attaining smaller goals and the follow up blog, Cupdate back in November, that I thought I’d go ahead and add to it. With Spring right around the corner (trust me, it’s coming), what better time to make a plan?

Now, I know, there is NO reason to have to WAIT for a change in seasons to focus on tiny intentions, but there is something optimistic about an “official” fresh start. And besides, it’s like three days away, I promise. Maybe four. Close enough to count.

Updated Cup List

  • FINISH FORMATTING. Honestly, who knew this would have to be a list thing? It should be done by now!
  • Paint BB‘s kitchen set (it’s pastel and I bought awesome black and silver and sparkly spray paint–think cooking in space). It was a Christmas gift. I mean, it will be a Christmas gift.
  • I have earned a free bagel a day in April at Panera. It’s the 11th and I’ve only gotten one.
  • Write more, submit more, publish more. More than what? More than last year. 50 Pots, baby.
  • Read more. Of the books I want to read. Books that will contribute to my writing more, submitting more, and publishing more. And finish Stiff.
  • Brush my damn dogs (you may wonder why this would be considered a “mini goal” but have you SEEN my dogs? A good brushing is quite the commitment. You know what? I have seen my dogs, perhaps this is a Bucket List goal.)

There you go, just a few things I want to get done. Nothing that is death-deadline worthy, but taking the time to acknowledge that these to-dos are important makes a difference in how I think about them. Maybe Spring is waiting on me to address this list?


What is on your updated Cup List?
What attainable goals should you have done by now but keep delaying?
Please share!









Not my dog. Haven't brushed them yet, remember. This pic is pretty much why.

Not my dog. Haven’t brushed them yet, remember. This pic is pretty much why.










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