The Rick Sisters

About a year and a half ago, I attended the Rick Springfield concert in DeKalb at the Egyptian Theater. There’s no denying he puts on a great show. I’m more of a Billy Squier kind of gal, but I went with a huge Rick fan, so when I came into a backstage pass, I gave it to her and waited patiently, as good friends do, while she ran back into the theater for the meet and greet.

Standing in the hallway, I struck up a conversation with another woman. She, too, was a good friend waiting. She’d driven two hours down from Wisconsin, was a die-hard Rick Fan (capital F), and had taken pictures during the set. We exchanged Facebook info so I could see her photos.

not too shabby for sixty)

Rick rolled through town last Friday, hitting up the DeKalb Convocation Center and after about twenty months of FB exchanges (can you believe it’s been that long?!), I again got a chance to meet her in person.

She was with two friends, the same two Fans she had waited in the hall for at the last local show. One is from Wisconsin, an additional 45 minutes further, and one is from St. Louis. These are some serious Rick Fans. If you think distance alone is indicative of their addiction, well, you’re just scratching the surface.

I told these women I’d be blogging about them, but I’m not sure if they believed me or not, so out of respect, I’ll reference them as Van, Rox, and Rush.

I brought my daughter-in-law to dinner at Eduardo’s where the five of us sat on the patio and enjoyed a seasonable spring evening and the occasional blue conversation. I was a little nervous, I mean, I’d only really met Van once, and it was after a raucous night of dining, drinking, rocking, and inappropriate touching. We’d shared a lot on Facebook and I’d sent her a Rick get well card. That counts, right?

I had no reason to worry. Come to find out, Rox and Rush were celebrating their FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY of meeting through a Rick show! Van had joined the sisterhood a year later, fourteen years ago, under the same circumstances. I was a newbie to the party, but we all shared the same Rick Springfield concert connection.

My daughter in law is familiar with the song Jessie’s Girl. So that was good. 🙂
(Thank you 13 Going on 30!)

These amazing ladies have met up all over the Midwest for Rick shows. They’ve flown to other parts of the country for his concerts! They have earned the right to be on a first name basis with the legend that is Rick Springfield. They have met him, talked with him, touched him, hugged him, been on stage with him, and had their pictures taken with him repeatedly. I was assured, though, that they’ve never gotten in a vehicle with him. Not yet, anyway.

I pale in comparison to their dedication, but thankfully my ignorance was rarely on display during dinner. We talked about all kinds of stuff. Normal stuff. Mom stuff, grandma stuff, husband stuff, high school stuff, hilarious stuff and other music stuffs. These are some pretty cool ladies.

Admittedly, I was outed a time or two. Did you know he’s married?! That there was an album before Working Class Dog (the one featuring Jessie’s Girl)? Like four of ’em! And fourteen since. (I got my facts from Wikipedia, but I could’ve just asked the Sisters!)

The internet has truly changed the way relationships happen. What’re the chances that Van and I would have kept in touch were we limited to the technology of thirty years ago?Here’s my home address, please send me copies of the developed photos. LOL.

We’re fortunate to be friends because of Facebook, texting, and online ticket purchasing.

Concerts are the of Rick Fans, allowing the opportunity to meet in-person to chat, laugh, dance, and share a mutual obsession.

Between modern technology and old school rock n’ roll, The Rick Sisters have the best of both worlds.





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