New Listings

I kicked off the new year committing myself to setting goals and making lists in order to keep them. I bought a cute little journal and every morning I list 3 Things I would like to accomplish. Some days I get to check them off, other days, well, suffice it to say 3 Things isn’t a lot until you factor in all of the OTHER things a day contains.

Since my commitment to listing, I have noticed LISTS everywhere!

I could lose an easy hour (and probably have!) on TikTok alone, swiping through all of the posts about the benefits of making lists. A friend also makes a morning list and shares her progress frequently. Her methodology has evolved into a place where she’s comfortably listing and crossing-out. I visited another friend recently and noticed she had notes on a wall in every room of her house. A list of to-do’s that she hopes to get through in the coming year. Painting, redecorating, updating, etc. I love this idea! I think of things I need to fix/address/decorate every day and yet, when left with an opening in my schedule, do you think I can remember a SINGLE thing?!

Pull up hall runners, clean floor, replace and secure hall runners.
Replace the broken toilet paper holder with the one you bought almost two years ago.
Finish painting the trim in the living room. Including the part that’s hidden behind the sofa.

Sorry, that was just for me, but you know, I remembered, so I made a list for easy reference.

Are you a list-maker?
What’s your process?
Because I’m 36 days in and still figuring out what actually works for me.

Luckily, listings are everywhere, so inspiration is bound to be found.

About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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6 Responses to New Listings

  1. Judy K McGee says:

    Definitely understand what you’re saying Mary. Same goes for me. I sometimes get to cross things off my list too. I’m kind of a new list maker too. It’s so rewarding to make the list and actually get to cross things off. I’m a work in progress with the list making but, when I do, it does help me to be a little more focused.
    Have a good day and hope your list gets smaller today.

  2. deborahlucas706 says:

    Mary, your list is much like mine. I love the one about installing a toilet paper holder you bought two years ago. I raise you by 14 years on my grouting project. LOL. These days I am lucky to get one thing done some days, but other days are twice that good. I have lists on dry eraser boards in my big kitchen (three of them—boards, not kitchens. LOL), lists I made two years ago, lists that I pass every day but don’t even give them a glance. No energy to even erase them. But still, I love making lists and do every day. Sometimes I just ask Seri to remind me. Lists in a modern world.

  3. renobarb says:

    I’ve been a list maker for more years than I can count. For most of that time, I’ve either had spiral bound notebooks or big yellow legal pads for my daily to-do lists. This year, I went fancy and bought a planner, which is working well. Between lists and post-its, I manage to remember most things that need to be done. Actually doing them? Well, that’s still a work in progress—fortunately, I can just move items to the next day’s list.

  4. Fortunately, you can. <3.

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