1 Review, 2 Books, 3 Sentences

Book 1: The Locked Door by Freida McFadden
Book 2: The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

3 Sentence Review:
1. Both of these novels came as rave recommendations from readers I trust so I was really looking forward to reading them, but I must admit, the fact that BOTH are marketed with the inclusion of much longer and what I can only guess to be persuasive subheadings was very off-putting (see full titles below), I mean, who are they trying to convince?
2. Although completely different subjects, it was also interesting to me that both books utilize unreliable narrators, are told in alternating points of view, and despite the inclusion of questionable red herrings, unnecessary repetitions*, and throw-away details (the blood!), both provided satisfying endings with a “twist”.
3. If these are the kinds of books you are usually drawn to, then by all means, I recommend you read them, but please note that while I read The Perfect Marriage on Kindle, I listened to the audio of The Locked Door and I cannot stress enough how you should NOT listen to the audio of The Locked Door–the voice actor is not good.

Full Title : The Locked Door: A gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist
Author: Freida McFadden
Book Blurb: “Some doors are locked for a reason.”
Genre: Action Thriller Fiction

Brief Synopsis: Alternating between adult Nora and 26 years earlier Nora, the grown Nora, a prestigious surgeon, and daughter of a serial killer, becomes the suspect when her patients are murdered in the same manner as her serial killer father.

*Did I mention her father is a serial killer? Because the author does. Every other chapter and sometimes twice.

Full Title : The Perfect Marriage: A Completely Gripping Psychological Suspense
Author: Jeneva Rose
Book Blurb: “His mistress is dead, his wife is his only hope.”
Genre: Suspense

Brief Synopsis: This is a literal he said/she said as the story of relationships, infidelity, and murder unfolds in the alternating voices of the lackadaisical husband and workaholic wife.


I hope you have enjoyed this edition of 3 Sentence Reviews. Have you read either of the books? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these titles. What would you say in 3 sentences?

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