I want to Rock’n’Roll all night…

Rock’n’roll all nite… then hit up some orchards the next day.
Perfect weekend plan for aging Gen Xers.

Saturday, we drove to Mundelein to see a band called Liliac at the Original Sundance Saloon, a great little venue that I wish was closer to home.

I came across this band on Facebook. Five siblings who rock it old school with covers that include The Trooper, Enter Sandman, Crazy Train, Holy Diver, and Rainbow in the Dark. It’s 80’s metal at its best. And the band ain’t bad either. Seriously, so talented!

The kids, Samuel, Abigail, Melody, Ethan, and Justin, range in age from 20 down to 11. And if you check out their Youtube page, you get to see them grow up through their videos. They received international exposure on a show called The World’s Best hosted by James Corden.

Liliac is on tour in support of their album, Chain of Thorns, a collection of original songs–which fit perfectly with their cover sound. It’s a limited tour and this was the only Illinois show. We were geekily excited to see them live. They did not disappoint.

Not only did the siblings put on a fantastic show, they were really cool. Approachable, professional, and friendly. They signed merch, chatted, and posed for pictures taken by their dad. They brought their dog out with them, and later, the pet bird.

Considering their sound and cover repertoire, it was no surprise that the audience was our age. Loving the resurgence of familiar 80’s rock, the venue was filled with fifty-somethings in vintage band tees. Most of ’em sitting or leaning, lol.

The family is working on their second collection of original songs and plans to tour when it’s released. If you have even the slightest interest in the music of Iron Maiden, Kiss, Dio, or Metallica, I think you should give Liliac a listen.

Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s show. Rock’n’roll all night and then meet up at the Farmer’s Market for some artisan breads the next day.

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