They say that hindsight is 20/20, but I’d like to challenge that. I think hindsight is more like 20/15, better than average. The more I think about it, maybe even 20/08.

As with every big event I participate in, (or even small programs for that matter), once it’s over, I’m rarin’ and ready to do it again—and get it right this time! Make it better!

We hosted the Reception Open House on Saturday for Zach & Christina, who were married three months ago at the courthouse.
Remember how everyone wanted to celebrate? Don’t think I’m overestimating when I say everyone did—we had a HUGE turn-out!

Guests from long distances and distant childhoods– family, friends, co-workers, teammates, and neighbors.
So crowded was the house, in fact, that there were many I didn’t get a chance to chat with. Many I didn’t even get to meet!

But I’m ready now. Next time I’ll be better prepared, more organized and make sure I meet and greet everyone. Of course, they (the brides and grooms) don’t get to do it again, despite what the national average reflects. And since I am now out of single children, neither do I.

You’d think that each event after which I feel confident would lend itself to the next event. After Nicole’s wedding, I was rarin’ and ready to do it again, and do it better—so why wasn’t I pre-rarin’ and ready for Zach’s reception?

Well, I thought I was. But then guests were early and help was delayed and I never made a master list that would have ensured things like the bags game getting set up and that the tab dishes were near the beverages and the ice bucket was out and the…
I really have no excuses for my faltering—so many generous people contributed to this party! The only food I was responsible for was the Portillo’s roast beef sandwiches and the chopped salad. Christina and my mom provided most of the delicious food. Neighbors donated a fruit whale, chairs, tables, firewood and the party essential, a coffin cooler. The sumptuous desserts were from Elleson’s Bakery in Sycamore. The gorgeous flowers were arranged by Mary Kay. We had someone to clean, do yardwork and take photos.
This should have been a breeze for me… and yet…

Maybe hindsight isn’t about perfect vision, but repetitive vision instead.
Replaying the event over and over…
Shoot, why didn’t I—
 Aw man, I forgot to—
Crap, I should have–
Oh my, too much to think about. I’m a failure as a hostess!
But, I know that’s not true. No one seemed to miss the bags game and eventually I did remember to put out the ice bucket.

I try to proactively meet every guest’s needs. I offer a variety of foods, places to sit with adjacent tables and I provide a selection of beverages (except for caffeine-free pop, sorry, can’t bring myself to buy it!), including lemonade and water (non-caffeinated and alcohol free). The bathrooms are clean. The basics, I think, are covered.

I want to make cute crafty decorations or party favors.
I have a million ideas for what to do with all these cute photographs!
Crazy Hair

Not to mention, I should paint that, move that, fix that…
Where did that cobweb come from?

I inevitably run out of time.
I keep my sanity because I believe that by the time the party starts,
if it ain’t done, no one is going to miss it.
And if I wasn’t telling you, you’d probably never even notice.

(That’s my cue to be quiet, stop with the whinesight.)

It was a terrific party for a terrific couple.
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated,
and all those who celebrated in spirit.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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2 Responses to Hindsight

  1. Chris says:

    No one noticed any of that! I especially liked your Mary designed decorations. Just think, now you have baby showers in the future. Hopefully you’ll get a few years off first.

  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there!!!

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