Wednesdays have been my husband’s day off of work for the last twenty years. It is our weekend. We stay up late on Tuesdays and sleep in on Wednesdays. We walk the dogs, hang out, buy a paper, eat lunch, go to a matinee, or stay home. The staying home part has earned the designation “Naked Wednesday.” Because of this, most people know not to call or stop by on a Wednesday. Even if we’re not naked we’re probably not going to answer. I think this Wednesday ritual is what has kept our relationship strong after so many years. I wish more couples had a “Wednesday.”

This past Wednesday was not a Wednesday. My son was scheduled for sinus surgery so my husband was working for him. We had to be at the hospital by 7:30 am for check-in and pre-op. I know it’s just surgery on sinuses and a million people that you know have had this surgery, but this is still my kid and they were gonna cut him. I think I handled it very well, as did he, but it was still scary. Do you know where the sinuses are? We got to see slides from his scan—there are sinus pouches between your eyes and your brain. Do you want someone digging between those two vitals?!


His surgery went fine, no complications. He was awake but suffering the effects of the amnesia sedative. He was pretty entertaining, we had fun with plans to improve the pain chart. By the time the meds wore off enough for us to take him home to my house to rest, it was about 3 o’clock. There was very little swelling, even less bruising and minimal discharge.

Barely two hours later I got a call from my daughter’s boyfriend. She’d been in a bad car accident. The emergency crew had just taken her to the hospital.


Yanking on my shoes as I checked my pockets for car key and cell phone, I told Zach and his girlfriend that I had to go– Nicole’s been in an accident. White knuckled and stiff armed, I drove from DeKalb to Rockford on cruise control for fear of speeding, (I do not have time for a ticket!) telling myself she’s fine, she’s fine, she’s fine.


When I got to the emergency room, her boyfriend was there, as were his parents. (I thought that was very considerate!) Nicole was strapped to the board with a neck brace on. Her car had been hit on the passenger side and she had slammed into the driver side door hard, her left side bruised, swollen and abraded. For all of the horrible visions a mother has clogging her brain with such limited information and too much time to think, she looked damn good. Her nose and lip were swollen; there were a few scrapes on her face. She was crying a little, apologizing a little, and joking a lot. When they asked her how she felt, she would groan and say, “Ugh, I feel like I just got hit by a car.”
(I thought, she’s about a six on the pain chart, or a @#$! on the Lamphere revised version.)

After a battery of tests and scans that all came back clear, she was released. She’s going to be very sore and achy for a few weeks. And by today I’m sure she’s blooming in all the colors of spring—blue, purple, red, yellow and green.

After ten+ hours in the hospital on NOT A WEDNESDAY, I am glad that I only have two kids! But mostly I’m grateful that they’re both going to be fine.


Being a parent can be scary. And no matter how old they are, how independant they are, or how far away they live, they’re still your children.

It’s been a very long couple of days.
Is it Wednesday yet?


About Mary Fran Says

I am an artist, crafter, designer and writer. I enjoy working with mixed media-- applying visual and tactile manipulations to telling a story. Not a lot of market for that, though, :), so I'm focusing on short story submissions and novel completions. Yes, plural. Lots of beginnings, too many ideas, not enough focus.
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7 Responses to TGIW

  1. Angie Hibben says:

    OMG – I hate that call that your child has been in an accident. We’ve gotten it 6 times so far (2 with Sammi – one she is lucky she is alive, 1 with Kendra, 2 with Amber – one she is lucky she is alive and 1 with Tyler). We also witnessed Sammi almost end up under a Semi. To this day I have trouble driving in snow storms. I was so glad to hear that she is ok and that Zach is fine after sinus surgery. Cars are replaceable – children are not. Hang in there and maybe this week you can have your Wednesday 🙂

  2. Carol Kuczek says:

    I’m glad that all is well for you and your family. What a horrible time for those involved. Sometimes being the onlooker, and this case also parent, is scarier than the one it’s happening to. Hang in there, Wednesday is on its way. Glad your children are okay.

  3. cantreadjustone says:

    uh, HOLY CRAP. I’m so sorry about a) your daughters accident, how freaking scary, and 2) your son’s surgery, again how freaking scary.
    I’m glad everything turned out ok!! God is good.

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