Role Call

Behind the table laden with folders and headshots, the producer, director, and talent agent peruse a roomful of applicants.

“Today we’ll be casting for the role of POTUS,” the director announces. “It’ll be a four-year-run with second term option.”

The panel sits through auditions of every size, shape, gender, and race. It’s an exhausting process.

“We’ve had inept, arrogant, blustery, and bumbling.” The agent taps a photo. “I’m leaning toward this one.”

“Yes,” adds the producer. “Colorful, bold, engaging, generally appealing and basically informative.”

In agreement, the director says, “It’s official, the empty cereal box will be our next president.”

~ ~ ~

100 word Story
Trope: Playing against type
Genre: Political Satire
Word: Empty Cereal Box