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Want, Need, Wear, Read

Ah, Christmastime… That wonderful season of joy, smiles, and giving. Giving?! You know it. It’s not about the carols and cookies, the cyber sales and Santa, the Hallmark movies and holiday mania. It’s not about the things you want to … Continue reading

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Hi Rev Writing Retreat

I just spent five days and four nights with three fantastically talented people in Lonesome Hollow, a remote location in Wisconsin. I spent that time writing. Well, reading and editing, but also writing. Sure, we ate, laughed, drank, laughed, and … Continue reading

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Matchbook Bias

As a published author and member of CWA, I was able to sell my book, Pocket Money, at the Chicago Printer’s Row Lit Fest. HOW COOL IS THAT?!                         … Continue reading

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SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, June 11

Two weeks from TODAY! Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago The fest runs Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11, BUT I will be there selling and signing copies of Pocket Money on Sunday afternoon, so that’s when you should come. … Continue reading

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I am a Best Selling Author

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! My novella, Kinder Garden, is a BEST SELLER! And that’s according to Amazon, not just Dave.   Did you see? (upper right corner) It’s a Hot New Release, too. And also– I … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

I discussed my blog with people at the writers’ conference last week. “I blog every Monday,” I bragged. But this is the second week in a row that Monday has been missed. Ever diligent, Tuesday it is. My head is aswirl … Continue reading

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Channeling the Chicago Blackhawks

Uh-oh. I seem to be in a bit of a funk. I forgot to blog yesterday. Much like the Blackhawks forgot to defend. It’s cool. It happens. Not three games in a row. But, whatever. I remembered about 11:10 last … Continue reading

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And I’m LIVE!

My latest published work is now available on Kindle! Download Kinder Garden today! It’s a novella in the Kindle World of Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery by author Terri Reid. Only $1.99, it’s a quick and satisfying read. You should totally download it, read … Continue reading

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Feels like the first time…

I hit “enter” on the digital upload for my second publication* today. That’s some scary key pressing. Seeing as I’ve already done this BEFORE*, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right? WRONG. I suspect every time feels like the first time. Doubt … Continue reading

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C is for

In my continuation of The Writer’s Alphabet, please allow me to introduce the letter C: And in case there’s any doubt: Come on, that’s cool. And reflective of the content. I made my own blood! See it in person at … Continue reading

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