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The Post Card Story

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. Now. For a long time, during and immediately after, I didn’t find the humor in it at all. Despite how the mere thought of it brought my husband to giggles. Seriously, … Continue reading

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This is my 443rd week of posts!

I came across an old blog post the other day and it inspired me to update it. It’s from January 28, 2013 and titled MaryFranniversary. It celebrates a FULL year, 52 weeks, of Monday blogs. I was pretty proud of … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, there is a THIRD post of Thanks, Gifts, and Giving!

I’ve paced these stories for you because I want each to be read and savored. I was fearful that one singular long post would have gotten glossed over. Please do not gloss. These stories are very special to the people … Continue reading

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Travel Days are the Worst

Funny, I had to do a search of my site to make sure I hadn’t already posted this blog. Because I think about it EVERY time I go somewhere. Travel Days are the Worst. The Rutger’s Conference was by far … Continue reading

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Cel-e-brate Good Times, C’mon! It’s my third week of the In Print ABC Blogging Challenge, but you could begin today! I’m happy to tell you that C is for Celebrate! This blog marks my 52nd, an entire year of weekly … Continue reading

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Gifts and Gratitude, Again

I was really touched by an article I read in the Chicago Tribune last year. “The Gifts that Stay With Us for a Lifetime” was a collection of stories about ‘gifts’ and their lasting effect. You may remember I blogged … Continue reading

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Yours Truly

The month of June got away from me and I was ill-prepared for (forgot about) my June Literary Mary Chats interview.  So guess what? It’s ME! I’m last month’s guest. 🙂 Mary Lamphere, co-founder of In Print Professional Writers’ Organization, … Continue reading

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LM Chats – Nik Markevicius

Welcome back to Literary Mary Chats, a series of interviews with authors.  This month, I’d like to introduce you to Nik Markevicius (sounds like more cabbages, 🙂 ) Nik V. Markevicius is a half-crazy wordslinger who lives and breathes all those … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a peer award for Bloggers by Bloggers. I’m proud to be kicking off my new year with a nomination! Thank you Caffeinated Writer, Danielle! The Liebster Award recognizes blogs with less than a 1000 followers and strives … Continue reading

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Match Game

        Do you remember Match Game? A game show from the 60’s and 70’s (and even into the 80’s), it was hosted by Gene Rayburn and featured a panel of guest “stars” including Vicki Lawrence, Brett Sommers, … Continue reading

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