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The Post Card Story

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. Now. For a long time, during and immediately after, I didn’t find the humor in it at all. Despite how the mere thought of it brought my husband to giggles. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, there is a THIRD post of Thanks, Gifts, and Giving!

I’ve paced these stories for you because I want each to be read and savored. I was fearful that one singular long post would have gotten glossed over. Please do not gloss. These stories are very special to the people … Continue reading

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Travel Days are the Worst

Funny, I had to do a search of my site to make sure I hadn’t already posted this blog. Because I think about it EVERY time I go somewhere. Travel Days are the Worst. The Rutger’s Conference was by far … Continue reading

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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon! It’s my third week of the In Print ABC Blogging Challenge,, but you could begin today! I’m happy to tell you that C is for Celebrate! This blog marks my 52nd, an entire year of … Continue reading

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Yours Truly

The month of June got away from me and I was ill-prepared for (forgot about) my June Literary Mary Chats interview.  So guess what? It’s ME! I’m last month’s guest. 🙂 Mary Lamphere, co-founder of In Print Professional Writers’ Organization, … Continue reading

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LM Chats – Nik Markevicius

Welcome back to Literary Mary Chats, a series of interviews with authors.  This month, I’d like to introduce you to Nik Markevicius (sounds like more cabbages, 🙂 ) Nik V. Markevicius is a half-crazy wordslinger who lives and breathes all those … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a peer award for Bloggers by Bloggers. I’m proud to be kicking off my new year with a nomination! Thank you Caffeinated Writer, Danielle! The Liebster Award recognizes blogs with less than a 1000 followers and strives … Continue reading

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Match Game

        Do you remember Match Game? A game show from the 60’s and 70’s (and even into the 80’s), it was hosted by Gene Rayburn and featured a panel of guest “stars” including Vicki Lawrence, Brett Sommers, … Continue reading

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Literary Tour

As I reminisce about Ireland, I realize this is the first time in almost two years of Monday Blogging that I have thought once a week was too infrequent! Honestly, who couldn’t talk about THIS every day?! You may not … Continue reading

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This story was published in the Rockford Review and won the Editor’s Choice Award. Nothing The couple’s laughter came to an abrupt halt when the wife said, “Barry, what is that?” Arms entwined, she dragged him back a few steps, … Continue reading